Monday, May 16, 2016

Quince Jelly Labels

Happy Monday Bloglaners

I hope you will have a fabulous week!! Let's start with my weekend project. Cooking quince jelly. I used this recipe and the results are very good. No need for complicated stuff, just cook and bottle.

As u use only a teeny bit at a time and I wanted to include my quince jelly in snack packs to give away, I decided to use little spice jars to bottle it. They are TINY and therefore I needed tiny labels.

Inspired by the SimonSaysStamp Monday challenge (EMBOSS IT), I decided to try my hand at heat embossing. I bought the stuff more than a year ago but have never used it. For a first attempt it turned out GREAT!!

Can't think why I've never done it - OK, my mum was sick and I think all that messy powder just scared me. Now that the ice is broken, I will do some more heat embossing projects. Watch this space and all will be revealed.

Some watercolour and die cutting with my SimonSaysStamp stitched circles and my project was done.

All lined up and ready for my quince jelly jars.

And dressed-up ready to be used or gifted:
Looking at my close-up pics - maybe I should have "boiled" my embossing powder a bit more BUT that's the thing, I love being IMPERFECT and I'm sure my friends and family would not even notice. Next time I'll experiment a bit more.

And here you can see how I'm using my mini quince jelly jars. Unfortunately this one was given away before the SimonSaysStamp embossing inspirations hit me!! My gift box with (mostly) homemade goodies looks "good enough to eat" and I would love to receive an edible gift like this!!

That's it!! Thanks for looking at my blog today. Have a wonderful week and please come back to play.