Friday, January 31, 2014

Stamping on Drawstring Bags

Hallo Bloglanders

Finally!! ..................... It's Friday.  We are having the first festivities of the yearly Stellenbosch University carnival over the weekend, the wine route is having a festival end there are numerous craft and food markets all over town.  I'm sure to spy something special to show you on Monday!!

Back to my "decorate drawstring bags class" (yesterday I did the first part - fabric paint) If you missed it, just scroll down or hit HOME and then do the scrolling part.:

I used my favourite stamp - it's from Jennifer Bowlin - I use it ALL the time.  It even stays mounted on an acrylic block to speed things up. But for one of my little students everything didn't go according to plan so I've decided to show you my take on "stamping gone wrong":

I just replaced the smudged star with an iron-on fabric one.  And now the rest of the class wants pink polka-dot stars as well!!!

That's it from me. Thanks for looking at my blog today.  Have a GREAT weekend and please check back as I have much more to share with you right here on Play as U Go.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Drawstring Bags Many, Many Ways.

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!! It is very, very hot down under in Sunny SA but if I look at all the snow the USA is having, I can't help a few shivers.  For those of you over in snowy USA - hang in there, keep warm and stay safe.

Today I'm doing the first in a series of  "Decorating Drawstring Bags".  I had to help a class of children do some Valentine's gifts and decided to recycle all my cotton scraps into drawstring bags for them to use to pack their projects. Of course, we decorated the bags!  I'll be showing some of our projects and if you can come up with more, we would love to hear about it. Next class we will try it out.

And this is the stash that the IMPERFECT factory made:

I think I have figured out a quick way to make them and will be sharing that in a later post (IMPERFECT ME still have to take pic's).  So, first up is a bag decorated with fabric paint.

I did the letters from scraps of Vinyl with my Silhouette and the girls just had to paint the open spaces.  I know the whole Blogland is buzzing about the new stencil material coming to Silhouette shortly but we, down under in Sunny SA will probable be getting it after CHA 2015.  In the meantime, I use the regular Vinyl and I DO reuse it.  I keep it on pieces of waxy paper in an office folder (the wax paper comes from the inside of the heat transfer rolls).  Here is a bit of  WIP info:

These letters have been used by 9 little girls and I think it's still ready to go for my own attempt at stenciling with Vinyl. We only used 2 colors of  fabric paint. Pink first and then adding more white to get the lighter shades.  I think you save on paint and mess that way and which little girl wouldn't like to have an all pink drawstring bag to give away? (I think they are keeping these!)  OH, and remember to put something inside the bag when you paint otherwise it will seep through.

That's it. My first way to decorate an ordinary drawstring bag. Thanks for looking at my blog today. Please check back as I have lots more to share right here.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

i Spy - A Foldaway Desk

Hallo Bloglanders

I know!!! Mondays are for" i Spy" but I went away for the weekend and everything is 2 weeks behind schedule here at HQ Hamman.  So, here is what I found ...................................

It is from We R Memory Keepers and it's even available in Sunny SA!!! Here is the link if you want to look / buy / see more pictures.

Folded away it looks like this:

With living spaces getting smaller by the minute, I thought it would be great to use as a "pop-up" desk for crafts, home admin or in a child's room.  To be honest, I would  LOVE one but for the time being I'll have to stick with my reinvented desks.

That's it from me. I'm off to get my life back on track. I'm working on some fun projects for my Shop - more about that tomorrow.  Thanks for visiting my blog today and have a WONDERFUL day.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Over @ Craft Storage Ideas with Shared Spaces

Hallo Bloglanders

I hope you had a FAB weekend.  I enjoyed my visit to Kakamas and it wasn't THAT hot. Maybe I'm just used to heat as I grew up in Namakwaland which is one of the warmest and driest regions in Sunny SA.

I just want to remind you that I'm over at Craft Storage Ideas with my take on "Shared Spaces".  You know that Wynand and I share an office so I thought it would be a great idea to see what Bloglanders in the same situation do.

Hop over there and see for yourself. Just click here. And a sneak peak just to wet your appetite. My FAVE one:

I love the fact that the desks are next to one another.  This makes it perfect for two separate spaces. The "feel" is cohesive but still a bit different.

Not a word more ...................................... hop over there and see for yourself and while there, leave a comment as I would love to hear what you think.

Thanks for looking at my blog and please come back to play as I have lots more to share right here.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Confetti Mixed Media Art Journaling

Hallo Bloglanders

Thanks for hopping by my blog today!  I made a mixed media layout for you to see:

You know how I love to reuse, re purpose and recycle.  So, I made these using the negatives from the princess confetti. Remember??? If you missed that one, just click here. And this is where it all started:

I used the heart negatives, glued it onto black cardstock and covered everything with more Modge Podge. A few pictures, some die cuts from my stash, a heart paperclip and two rows of stitching around the edge. I'm going to ask the Princess to do some journaling in the speech bubbles but until I see her ...................... it is filed away in my 2013 Project Life album.

And the story behind the pics? As Pieter and his Princess are getting married this year, so does most of their friends and that's what's it's all about.

And a close-up:

I'm off for business in Upington.  My fellow South Africans will have sympathy with me - yesterday it was 50 degrees Celsius out there!! For those of you having winter, I would love to swop! 

Thank you once again for looking at my blog. I'll be back to share some more crafting fun right here. Have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Valentine's Day Crackers

Hallo Bloglanders

Happy Wednesday to all of you!  I've done some Valentine's treats to give away to friends. Wanna see?

Sorry friends, if you thought you'd be getting something big. This year my pressies are TINY. The middle section is 0.5 x 2 inches (about half the size of my wax highlighter). I've used a shape from Silhouette to cut the mini crackers to the exact size of a mini Mentos roll. It was easy - just measure the length and width of the roll and make sure you downsize the shape accordingly.  To decorate, I used the negatives from the free weekly shape.  Hop over to the Silhouette Blog to get your free shape - it has an envelope to fit as well. Don't miss out on this one. Once again, I scaled my free shape down and as always, my twine is from The
Why do I have negatives left over?  Because I'm making little "date night" notes to give to my husband for Valentine's day. More about that in another post. I always try to get an idea for the Silhouette free shape before it comes up in a blog post - once I've seen an idea, I find it harder to come up with my own, unique twist and I HATE being a copy cat - IMPERFECT ME.

That's it. Thanks for looking at my blog today. Have a Wacky Wednesday and please come back to play as I've got lots more to share right here.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Year's Resolutions Jar

Hallo Bloglanders

I hope you are having a Thunderous Thursday.  It's very, very busy down here in Sunny SA. Schools and universities are starting and the to-do-lists just never stop!!  Besides all this, I'm still trying to stick to my new year's resolutions and this is what I made to help:

I never put something like "lose weight" or "exercise more" on my list but as my son is getting married in August I decided to break that rule. I didn't specify what I wanted to do but added "spend time and effort on yourself" to my list. I urgently need to alter my lifestyle to be healthier and more active so I joined Weight Watchers and now I'm counting points.  You thought the beads are my points?????? If so, the left one would be the points used and the right one for those up for grabs but NO!!! You are wrong - I have added one bead to the jar for every kilo I need to lose and as you can see on the right, I've already lost 4!! Let's not dwell on those still in the 2GO jar.

Once again I've used my solar jars as they were already out and in use. I used my Silhouette to cut the  "2GO" and "done", added a ribbon and some twine and the project was done. Here is a close-up:

FYI: I never start a project on a Monday or on the 1st of January - too much pressure for IMPERFECT ME. I'm motivated by colour and textures and therefore I think this Resolutions Jar will just be the thing to get me to my goal.

That's it. I'm off to have some more crafting fun.

Thanks for looking at my blog and have a great day.


PS. These will also be my "before" pictures - something I don't do either but got as part of my project. See what I mean??

Monday, January 20, 2014

i Spy - Wax Highlighters

Hallo Bloglanders

I hope you are having a Marvellous Monday.  TODAY I'm implementing all my new year's resolutions but more about that in another post.

Over the weekends I normally have time to "gather" ...................... information, ideas, things I see in my garden, town, shops or online.  So, I'll be bringing you something that I've "gathered" each Monday.

First up:

Wax Highlighters!! I totally hate the normal ones - they make a squeaky sound that reminds me of university so I was very glad to get my hands on these wax ones. Best part - they won't dry out! Also, they are rather affordable and it's readily available even down under in Sunny SA. Mine is from Bostik, they come in a pack of 5 - orange, blue, pink, yellow and green.

That's it. I'm off to my craft room to do some serious crafting. I'll be back to tell you all about those New Year's resolutions. Watch this space!

Thanks for looking at my blog and enjoy your day.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Take note "Blogbook"

Hallo Bloglanders

Finally it's Friday. Time to kick up your heels and have some FUN!!  I brought a rather old project to share with you but I thought you'd like to see it.  Since I started blogging in 2012, I've been keeping a "blogbook". The book has no rules - I write ideas in there, glue down some of my leftover pictures, work of art and other stuff from my desk. This is what it looks like:

I share my home (and life) with 3 men - if I want something that NOBODY would touch, I make it pink! All the cardstock comes from my "purge pile" and I've recycled office paper for the inside.  Like this:

The writing doesn't bother me at all - I use die cuts / roll-on tip-ex or masking tape to cover what I don't want. Here you can see:

I love my "blog book" and will show it again when it's full of "stuff". Best part is - I recycled a whole box of office paper that would have ended up in the garbage.

That's it. Have a great weekend and thanks for looking at my blog today.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Try Something New: Digi Stamps

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you are well.  I've got a hectic day ahead and want to share what I did yesterday before things heat up. (work as well as Sunny SA).

After comments on my posts from fellow South Africans, I hopped upon digi stamps from Digistamps4Joy's Christmas challenge. In January????? Yes, and what a GREAT idea. They post a free digi stamp and once you link up your effort, you receive the next month's image free. By December you will have 12 cards ready to send.

I don't use a lot of cards - I'll rather write a letter or use a tag.  So, I adapted my digi stamp.  Also, I decided to use my Silhouette to color and cut. And here it is:

I plan to make 8 of each and them give them away in sets of 12 to family and friends at the beginning of December.  That would make life a lot less complicated - tags sorted before you even start your Christmas shopping.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to try new things - well, digi stamps got that one covered for me!  If any of you would like to have my Silhouette cutting and coloring file, let me know and I'll gladly share. It looks like this:

The best part is that the work is done and should I need more images, it will only be a matter of  "print and cut" with my Silhouette.

And my "Work in Progress" pic for those who want the inside info:

That's it. I'm off to try something new ................................... watch this space.  Thanks for visiting my blog and have a Thunderous Thursday!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's a Brand New Year

Hallo Bloglanders

It's a Terrific Tuesday in Sunny SA and I'm on my way out to work in my garden. Maybe I should take my camera with and share a bit ............................. watch this space!

I follow about 5 blogs on a daily basis - on of them - the Silhouette Blog.  The reason??? I got a Silhouette for my birthday and decided to follow along to make sure I get to know my machine without spending money on training.  It works ................... I love my Silhouette and I can't believe how easy it is. Do you know that we will be getting "cut able" Washi from them?  I can't wait!

I did this page with my New Years resolutions for my brand, spanking, new 2014 Project Life Album:

The inspiration came from 2 blogs. First up - Silhouette.  "Revisit an old project and create something new." This was my old project:
The second idea that I used is the My Mind's Eye challenge of the month. "14 things in 2014". So, I made a list of 14 things that I wish for myself for 2014 and ta-da .............................. layout done and dusted. I used paper and embellishments from the "My Girl" range. Just love the cheerful pink, blue and yellows.

I made the page and then added a chipboard bunting and some more dimension by cutting some of the words with my Silhouette and adhering them with foam pop dots.  Don't you love the "eet koek"? (= eat cake)
Now some inside info.  I normally only buy one sheet of cardstock from a specific range.  It keeps my hoarding habit in check.  Which means that I normally don't have enough paper for a project. So, I make plans to stretch my stash.  Here you can see how I cut the back of my cardstock away to re use.  I just glue a piece of recycled office paper over the back and it's done.
Unfortunately I only had small pieces left to cut my dimentional embellishments. Cutting small pieces with the Silhouette is fine but to cut and print - well, my 6x4 printer only prints half the image (????)  so I came up with plan B.  Works just as good if you glue your cardstock onto a piece of A4 recycled office paper and then the office printer does the trick.

That's it.  Enjoy the rest of your day and please check back as I have lots more to share with you.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Boxwood Cottage over at Craft Storage Ideas

Hi there Bloglanders

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Today I'm over at Craft Storage Ideas. Hop over there and join me in a a tour all the way to Germany to see Carola’s Boxwood Cottage Studio. I promise ............................... you won't be disappointed.  And my fave pic just to show what I'm talking about:

And what's more ............................................ Craft Storage Ideas and Big Picture Classes are having a giveaway.  Don't miss out, it is SO worth your while to see how the experts organize their goodies.  Hop over, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just click here to be redirected and good luck to all of you.

That's it. I'll be back tomorrow with the first page in my 2014 Project Life album - my New Year's resolutions. Thanks for looking at my blog and please come back to play.

Have a Marvellous Monday!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Branch out

Good morning Bloglanders

I'm going away for the weekend but I just want to do a quick post to show what my New Year's decor looked like:

We recently had to trim our trees and I asked my husband to cut some of the branches into thin slices.  He can do anything ................................... I'm sure you agree.  I added a bit of twine from The Twinery and did the 2014 with a vinyl sticker cut with my Silhouette.  The ink is fabric ink (Silhouette as well) as it was the only type I had on hand.

Here you can see the WIP:

And why did I try this????????  Yes, as napkin holders for my New Year's Brunch table BUT it is also going to be the name cards for Pieter and his Princess's wedding in August.  I love, love, love the idea.

Don't you think my title is fitting?? Used a branch for my craft and my family is branching out with the upcoming wedding.

More about the wedding plans later.  Have a great weekend and keep crafting. Thanks for visiting my blog today and please come back to play.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

WIP Daily Planner

Hi there Bloglanders

As promised ...................................................... the first day that I've used my customized Daily Planner:

This is how I start out my day. My diary on the left (back of previous foldout planner) and on the right the date, 2 Do and what I HAVE to Remember.

And if I fold it open, it looks like this:

Everything in one place.  Yes, I'm happy with my effort and the GREAT thing about digi templates it that if I want to alter something, it's just a click of a mouse away.

That's it. Thanks for looking at my blog today.  Please check back as I have lots more to share right here.

Have a Terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Social Media Upgrade

Hi there Bloglanders

Some time ago I learned a lesson ……………………………….. from my mobile phone!!! Yes, one morning my phone didn't work and the message on the screen said “service restricted”. The phone shop had it sorted in minutes but I kept thinking – MY social media skills are “restricted”. 

So, I embarked on a social media upgrade – I joined FB, enrolled in an online Photoshop course and started a blog. Since then I have added a few more items to my repertoire but that’s not what it’s about -  the big achievement is that I didn't let “things” keep me back.

I still struggle with Photoshop, blogging is hard work and I love Silhouette Studio but my biggest achievement – I’m not “restricted” any more. To celebrate my freedom, I've done this foldout for my 2014 diary:

I print it doublesided - you will see the little marks where I cut and fold. When I open up my daily page, I've got the "My Day" of the previous insert to my left and the "Date" and "2 Do" page on my right. When it folds open, I have the "Menu" and "Try something New" pages left and right.

This project is hot off the press - if you want to see what it looks like once I've filled it out - check back - it will be right here on my blog tomorrow.

That's it from me. Thanks for looking at my blog today and please come back to play.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Coat of Many Colors

Hi Bloglanders

I hope you are having a Marvellous Monday. Even though it's summer down under in Sunny SA - I'm in a clean, sort and purge mode. And I just HAVE to show this project from many, many moons ago .................

I made it for Pieter when he was just 2 years old and he wore it nearly every day for at least 2 seasons.  The idea of the coloured patchwork strips was that it should resemble "Joseph's amazing technicolor dream-coat".  Just my version ............................. IMPERFECT ME. There's a song by Dolly Parton (I think!) about the "coat of many colours that my mama made for me" - I still smile and think about this coat when I hear it.

It still looks rather good if you consider that it is 24 years old and it has been washed numerous times. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of Pieter wearing the "dream-coat" but if I stumble upon one, I'll add it to this post.

One of the things on my 2014  "TO DO" list is a quilt and looking at this little gem, made me realize that even when Pieter was small and I had very little time to sew, I did some awesome things. Time to get back to better time management!

That's it. Thanks for looking at my blog today and please check back as I have lots more to share right here.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Princess Confetti

Hallo Bloglanders

And here we are!! A brand new year.  I wish for you all the best but above that to have FUN .............. may 2014 be your best year EVER.

It's going to be hectic for me - especially August. I'm having a big birthday and less than a week later Pieter and the Princess are getting married.  For the first time in my life, I'm planning a birthday party and everything for the wedding is en route.  This brings me to today's post. The confetti for the wedding is going to be little hearts and crowns (for our very own Princess of Hearts) and I've started on the stash. Want an exclusive peek?

I couldn't decide if the heart should go on the back or the front of the twine. Maybe you can help by leaving me a comment ???????.

This is SO me - I have 7 bridesmaid's dresses and a wedding dress to make so I thought I'd do the confetti by punching out half a cut of shapes every day. At least that would get one of my "to do's" done by the end of February.

And this is my work in process pictures:

I'm using twine from The Twinery, the punches are from EK Success and the little glassine envelopes come from Monika's "I love it all" Etsy shop.

Lucky me have a friend with 3 crafty kids and they were all  issued with punches and old books to help. I call my friend Marelize the head of the confetti team - if you want to get something done, ask her and boy, can she mobilize those girls!!!

There you have it - "Princess  confetti" under-way!

Thanks for looking at my blog today.  Please check back and I'll share some more of my crafty projects. Have a Fab Friday!!


PS. Just remembered - I'll have to make something for myself to wear to the wedding as well and oh, gosh, the birthday party  .......................... I'll think about it tomorrow.