Friday, January 31, 2014

Stamping on Drawstring Bags

Hallo Bloglanders

Finally!! ..................... It's Friday.  We are having the first festivities of the yearly Stellenbosch University carnival over the weekend, the wine route is having a festival end there are numerous craft and food markets all over town.  I'm sure to spy something special to show you on Monday!!

Back to my "decorate drawstring bags class" (yesterday I did the first part - fabric paint) If you missed it, just scroll down or hit HOME and then do the scrolling part.:

I used my favourite stamp - it's from Jennifer Bowlin - I use it ALL the time.  It even stays mounted on an acrylic block to speed things up. But for one of my little students everything didn't go according to plan so I've decided to show you my take on "stamping gone wrong":

I just replaced the smudged star with an iron-on fabric one.  And now the rest of the class wants pink polka-dot stars as well!!!

That's it from me. Thanks for looking at my blog today.  Have a GREAT weekend and please check back as I have much more to share with you right here on Play as U Go.


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