Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Spots and Dots Mini Folder

Hello Bloglanders

Today I brought my "Spots and Dots" mini Folder to share:

Somebody once told me that nothing we do, is entirely our own idea - it always comes from another idea or inspiration.  This mini folder is the nearest I'll ever get to entirely my own idea.  At first, I only used office scrap paper, cut it to size and added the office binder, later I started adding cover pages and then I came up with the idea to make an entire cover and to decorate it.

I do make a lot of these and give it away as presents. It's so much more useful than a card and I decorate it as I would have a card and write a personal message on the first page to the lucky recipient. Best part is that you can recycle your stash and refill the folder once it's full. I do have stacks of these 6x4 papers ready to be used.

I showed how I make the folders here. If you can't figure it out, hop over and see my previous post and if you need more info, leave me a comment and I'll gladly share.

For this folder I used half a 12x12 sheet of cardstock (Simple Stories SNAP) for the cover, the die cuts are from iheartstudio and the XOXO is a die from Amy Tangerine cut from black craft foam. For a bit of dimension, I added a brad, a little heart on a pop dot and an ordinary office paperclip.

There you have it. Some recycling, a mini note folder and a personal message for a great friend. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great day.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 29

Hello Bloglanders

And I'm back with a summery of my week. Still busy, busy, busy @ HQ Hamman.  First up - I did get some time to make a few cards.  My inspiration came from the SimonSaysStamp blog. The Monday challenge is "About a face". Now, I'm not big on cards or faces but decided to try it out and get some pressies made for my Xmas stash.

I've had this cameo embossing folder in my stash FOREVER but have never used it. In my quest for "waste not, want not", I decided to go through my stash and see what I can come up with for the challenge without buying anything. Actually, I found more than these to fit the bill. And a close-up:

Now for the upcoming wedding.  Finally, I'm at 7/8 of the bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid #8 is in Hawaii and will only be back in Sunny SA a week before the wedding - that one will therefore have to wait.

The girls do look great in their custom made gowns but I'm rather tired of black and still has to do something for the "mother of the groom" to wear. I did get an idea from my friend Pinterest:

I have enough fabric left over from the bridesmaid dresses to make this. Waste not, want not!! Of course I'll have to omit the white trim as only black is allowed in the winter wonderland wedding. Watch this space and I'll share my effort.

And this will become the name tags:

When our trees were cut back, we kept a few branches and Wynand sawed this into disks. Perfect for name tags. I have done some before and it looks like this:

I used these as table decor and afterwards added self adhesive magnet paper left over from other DIY projects and now they are fridge magnets!! Love them!!

I'm still in paint mood and while everything is out on my craft desk, I did a "spots and dots" page. 

You will see this one again - just keep checking back!!

Last but by no means least:

I did try something new!! To fillet a fish.  OK, please don't try your skills on baby hake like I did but still, it worked out wonderfully.  Wynand and I had a WONDERFUL fish and chips meal outside @ the pool. Love. love, love.

What more could you expect of an ordinary week. Food. Family. Occasions. Craft?? I love my life.

Thanks for looking at my blog. I'll be back to share some more crafting fun right here.

Have a wonderful week.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

As free as a Butterfly


Happy day to you all!!  First up: My submission for the MME challenge "Let Freedom Ring". Well, down under in Sunny SA we don't do independence day, I couldn't find any suitable paper in my MME stash so off I went to Pinterest. And this is what I did:

As my home language is Afrikaans, I translated my quote from this (ex Pinterest):
Every month I try to focus on something and this is for July 2014. The best things in life aren't things and best of all - most of them are free for all. Thinking like that makes me feel free from worldly goods and  enjoy the preciousness of health, the love of my family and living life to its fullest.

For my project, I used a die cut from the Silhouette store for my frame and did the letters in vinyl except for the "DINGE" - I cut them out of glitter foam. The red flourish came from glitter foam as well and the flowers are offcuts from Silhouette printable canvas.  I added a bit of ink to the edges and a sparkly brad from the MME's "Lost and Found 3"  range.

My papers are rather old. I bought them from a close down sale at an online shop. The red check comes from the "Miss Caroline" range and the black and cream flowers from "Lush".

As promised yesterday, my Beady Butterflies:

This is an OLD project. Yes, ex 2005 when my boy's class  had to host the metric farewell. The theme was woody wonderland and our butterflies went on the menu's.  They were printed on green vellum, rolled around a glass vase and inside was an tea light. We glued the butterflies on randomly.  It looked magical!!!

How did we do it?? We used transparency to cut butterfly shapes, glass liner and paint to decorate and once again - beads for the bodies.   Every day after school about 10 boys used to sit around our dining room table making butterflies. They made 500!!! You see ........................ the memory is priceless and doesn't cost a thing.

These three little beauties in my photo are on my craft room window but you can also glue them back to back onto fishing line. It makes a GREAT mobile. And apparently the liner and paint never dries as mine (ex 2005) is still usable.  

There you have it. Something old, something new. Thanks for looking at my blog today and please check back as I have lots more to share right here on Play as U Go.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Whimsy Dimensional Butterflies

Hello Bloglanders

Last week I promised to show the dimensional embellishments I made from my scraps but never got round to blogging about it.  At the bottom of my post I will explain how my scrap stash works (for those of you you want the inside info).  Important thing is that I keep all pieces smaller than 3x4 in a plastic tub, die cut it into shapes (good old Bug) and use them for dimensional embellishments, cards, on presents, tags, layouts or my PL pages.

Here is a card made with one of my butterfly embellishments:

My inspiration came from the Simon Wednesday Challenge, "Let's be clear".  Can you see the vellum wings and the sparkly beads??

I love to give them "beady bodies". Now, I'm not a "beader" but I do a lot of sewing and other crafts. All the leftover beads go into a mason jar and gets recycled into butterfly bodies or embellishments on sewing / craft projects. I took pictures to show exactly how I make my beady butterfly bodies:

And, the family:

Normally, I keep all my embellishments in a plastic tub and add them to projects when needed. Mostly, I use flowers / butterflies / stars and hearts so these are the ones I make. I shared how I do my scrap flowers here. And this is what they look like when used on gifts:

Last but not least - my card for a "welcome to our neighborhood" pressie:

Tomorrow I'll be back with another "beady butterfly" - you'll never believe the twist in this story!! Thanks for looking at my blog today. See you tomorrow.

Inside Info: My scrap stash works like this: 12x12 in separate holders one for each colour - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black & white, naturals. Same with printed cardstock. I do have one extra - various colours. I do keep my fave brands together in collections and kits stays together until I've done a layout, a double page PL spread and a multimedia project.

I sort all leftovers to sizes A4, A5, 6x4, 3x4 and 4x4 into plastic tubs (tub for each size). I arrange the paper by colour - once again - red to naturals but I keep them all together by size.

OK, I'll take pics when I work with the tubs again ........................................ what I actually wanted to show today is that anything smaller than 3x4 goes into a box, gets die cut, packed in a cupcake tin.

Butterfly Multi Media

Good morning Bloglanders

On Sunday I told you about the Multi Media adventure Alexa and I had and showed her pic. Well, today it's my turn. I haven't been to my Multi Media book this whole year!!! Rather late than sorry so out she came and this is my effort for July 2014:

Once again I used my Silhouette and the "print and cut" function for the butterflies. The file is from Wilna Furstenberg's shop (iheartstudio) and I painted on watercolor paper with acrylic paint. Once again, the inspiration came from one of Wilna's video's - not that mine looks ANYTHING like hers - IMPERFECT ME!!!!

And a peek into my book:
I'm not sure if I will add more journaling to the pages but for the moment I like it as it is. The letters for my title was die cut with my good old Bug from glitter foam. 

I like things lined up, squares that are perfect squares and so I can go on. Not that it turns out like that every time but I have to brace myself and just leave it when something does not go according to plan. That's what I love about Multi Media. It seems that the more that go wrong, the more creative the project.

That's it. I'm off to try something new. Thanks for looking at my blog and have a great day!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Summery Week 28

Good Sunday to you all

Last week I started to show the small things that I've done as they normally do not get counted or blogged about. So, without further ado, here is last week's batch:

I joined Wynand on a trip to the West Coast and had 3 wonderful days at the beach house:

We don't have Internet and email there (and I forgot my camera at home) so I had to rely on my iPhone to do the necessary. My pictures are not perfect but they are good enough to be printed 4x3 for my PL album.

I kept busy with some painting and even finished a layout and a Multimedia page. One of the butterflies even hopped onto my diary:

From my diary page you can also see that I had an appointment with the jeweller - to commission fiancee #1's wedding ring and an engagement ring for son #2. YES!!!! We will be having another wedding!! Wernich had a week's vacation from university and it was wonderful to have him home. It meant more cooking, cleaning and helping out as he is working on his final master's degree thesis and is sitting in front of his computer 24/7.

I had a little friend over for cake, coffee and crafting. In the end we had cake at a new coffee shop in town:

And afterwards we did some painting at HQ Hamman. And this is Alexa's effort:

She painted on canvas and I did mine on watercolor paper. The butterfly die cut came from Wilna Fursterberg's shop as well as the original idea (sort of). I will post my version later this week when I've added my photos.

Back to wedding #1. I'm working on 100 cream napkins. No easy way out here - I'm adding artwork with some iron-on flocked vinyl. It looks beautiful - like black velvet printed on heavy cream cotton. 5 Down - 95 to go:

You see - doesn't look like much but once you start counting, it's a LOT. Thanks for looking at week 28 with me. 
PS. Remember to try something new this week!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Recycle, recycle, recycle your scraps

Good morning Bloglanders

I'm having little friends over today in a quest to recycle some of my scraps into workable dimensional embellishments for cards and presents.Of course -  I'll tell you all about it tomorrow (and show the pics!)

When I have time, I die cut all my small pieces and pack them in pretty boxes to give away or use as party favors.

I love using all the bits and bobs that I've paid for!!

That's it. I'll be back tomorrow to show what I've done with some die cuts.