Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 42

Good morning Bloglanders

YES!!! I know - It's Tuesday but I still want to recap on what happened the past week. My Sunday Summaries became my Project Life of sorts and by no means do I want to miss out on one. During August I made a layout that said "Weird August". Then I listed all the funny and not-so-funny things that happened.

Just a few:
My appendix had to be removed and I spent a week in hospital.
Wernich's long term relationship ended after more than 10 years.
Princess lost her engagement ring.
THE wedding.

Now it seems that 2014 is altogether weird. My mum got diagnosed with cancer last week - she survived breast cancer, a heart attack and numerous other ailments over the past 20 years but now she is 76 years old and weighs about 50kgs.  Not good. Fortunately she has all her children nearby as well as a doting husband - seems to be all she wants.

Now for some crafting news.  I had to clean and clear two rooms in my house.  It's going to be converted into a flat for Wernich who is returning home next month. This is what the bathroom currently looks like:

Somewhere beneath all the junk is a whole bath, basin and toilet!

Downsizing is no easy task - especially if you are a crafter and hoarder like me but over the next few months I'll be turning my home (what's left of it) into a super efficient living and storage space for Wynand and me. And of course - I'll share with you!!

Let's start with my cube. It's shop bought and I inherited it from our Princess.  She is an interior designer and black is her fave colour so the cube was a very faded and stained black velvet.  I love purple and washed out blues but I do want to tone down my "smaller" space so I opted for a cream cover.

It is loose which means that I can take it off to wash. I added pockets to the sides as I always have stuff  lying around.  A magazine, the TV remotes, a craft product that I want to look at. You name it, it now fits neatly into the pockets. I did take "work in progress" pictures and will share it later this week - super easy DIY!!

My husband's solution for every crisis - some time out of doors!!

We also spent a wonderful evening with friends in Cape Town - this is the view we woke up to the next morning:
 From their apartment you can see the larger than life Cape Town soccer stadium, the waterfront and Robben Island - Awesome!

And I joined another of Wilna's classes. There is some calm in watching her paint away that I need right now. It also inspires me to try new techniques. Yesterday I did Lesson 1 - Stencils and this is what I did with my knowledge:

Weird colour combo??? My inspiration came from the SimonSaysStamp Wednesday blog -


and I enjoyed every second working with it!!! I still have to add some journaling and I'm going to try my hand at Wilna's  famous ink spatters. Wish me luck!

And last but not least - a pic of my Amaryllis lilies. They are totally beautiful and I took this pic on my iphone to send to my mum.  As she is visiting my sister, 800 kilometres away and I can't bring her flowers, I thought I'll send her a picture instead.

That's it. I'm off to practise my ink splatters!! Thanks for looking at my blog today and please come back to play as I have lots more to share right here on Play as U Go. Have fun and see U soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More IS More Watercolour midweek madness

Hallo Bloglanders

I'm just checking in to let you know that I'm still in Blogland and doing my bit be creative. Once again  - the office is busy, the house in chaos, my mom's sick and I just don't have enough time to get to everything BUT I do try to do something crafty every day.

And my project: Watercolour painting with stamps, pics, die cuts and LOTS of journaling.

Last weekend on our camping trip I did some watercolour painting and when everything was thoroughly dry, I used stamps from my stash to pretty it up. I was very pleased with the result and didn't want to spoil it and so I scanned my original and printed another on watercolour paper:

On the left is my copy and on the right the original.

And then I started painting.  You can paint over the stamped images because they are no longer ink but copied!! ........................... and therefore don't bleed. I wanted a "less pink" look for this page:

And then I added die cuts from my stash, a few pics and the journaling. I never thought I would like a page as crazy as this one but I totally love it.  That's why I adore challenges - they get me out of my comfort zone and make me try something new.

Best thing is - I can print and paint some more on demand and will definitely be using some in my Project Life Layouts. Just watch this space and you will meet this "work of art" again. 

And a bit of a close-up:
My layout is a  journal of sorts. I listed who went on our camping weekend, what we ate and what the camp site and weather was like. Now it's going into my PL album next to pictures of the wonderful weekend

My inspiration came from the SimonSaysStamp blog Wednesday challenge (use watercolours)  and of course - Wilna's Art & Design over at Big Picture Classes. Watercolours ............................. what an easy, "cheap" way to pretty up your creations.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Please check back as I have tons more to share right here on Play as U Go and remember to try something new - TODAY!!

Until we meet again.

Love and Sunshine from Sunny South Africa

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 41

Good morning Bloglanders

And a happy Sunday to you all!! Once again, it was a busy week at HQ Hamman. Wynand and I moved into our "new" bedroom and I'm still working on the decor. Once done, I'll give you a peek into "my" space.

I've worked on  a watercolour paint bag but will only be spilling the beans once it is live on the Craft Storage Ideas Blog. I totally love it and will share the "how to" right here on my blog. Check back on the 27th. (Just for my blog readers - I already used it here.)

I'm still doing Wilna's course over at Big Picture classes and this is my effort of the week:

It's from the first week's classes - "grids" and you can see what the printable looked like "before" in my product list below.

I loved colouring it with watercolours - it's like wax crayons used to be when I was small - just better!! My effort is going into my "art journal". Sometimes I just feel a more artistic approach coming on and then my 8x8 purple journal comes out.

And I finished this layaout as well:

I used the grid cut file to make a stencil with my Silhouette and some stencil material, just painted in the blocks with acrylic paint and added some stamping and pictures left over from another project. I'm not even sure I'll be adding journaling as "there's no one like you" says it all.

What I love is that my stencil can be reused.  What an easy way to personalize a layout in no time at all!

Back to the sewing machine. Cara sent over a pic of her in THE red dress:
And I also have a pic of my furry friend, PJ soaking up the spring sun on our deck:

I've been inspired by the SimonSaysStamp Monday challenge to make some fall embellishments with my Silhouette. The prompt is "falling in love with ......................." and as it's Spring down under in Sunny SA, I decided to do embellishments. I've done them before and they have been SO great to have on hand to decorate presents, use on cards / layouts / mini books / project life that I'm doing a second take.

"Print and Cut" with your Silhouette, assemble with some pop dots in between for dimension and they are ready to go. I store mine on transparency sheets - makes them look "shop bought". GREAT presents and party favours.

That's it. Another week done and dusted.  I'm back to Wilna's art class .............................. Until we meet again, have fun and remember to try something new - TODAY!
Products used:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Print, Paint and Cut with my Silhouette


I can't wait to show you what I've done!!! I've told you that I'm doing Wilna's Art and Design course over at Big Picture Classes. It is totally awesome. The only problem is that I can't keep up. Goodness, the amount of freebies, handouts and videos. I don't think it has ever been done before.

Unfortunately I've never tried my hand at painting before BUT I quickly adapted my strategy to print, paint and cut with my Silhouette. Let me show you my finished project:

Just 3 steps:

1. Print on watercolour paper. Remember your registration marks!
2. Paint and let it dry.
3. Cut with your Silhouette.
4. Use in your projects.

Even mine looks like art!  I printed a stack and painted them over the weekend while camping. Now  I can just use it on layouts / Project Life / Cards.

And I;ve got another one to show:

I even made my own title by writing the word with a big Koki pen on office paper (yes!!! My very own handwriting), scan, trace and lift in Silhouette studio, filled the word with black and used the offset function for the white border, print and cut and it's done.

Here you can see my finished "artwork" made with Wilna's ampersand cut file and coloured with my watercolours.

And a closer look at the die cuts:

That's it!! I'm off to look at another video and will be painting the evening away once I've decided what to try out next. I did learn something new today. There will always be a way to do something - you just have to find it!!

Have a Thunderous Thursday.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SimonSaysStamp Wedenesday Challenge

Good Wednesday to you all,

And I'm back to share a customized journal!!  This is not all I've done this week BUT you will have to check back to see the rest!!! I'm doing the Wilna Furstenberg class over at Big Picture and I'm painting my days away. Can't wait to go outside and do some more watercoloring.

First up - my "honeymoon" journal:

And I just love to decorate the inside as well. What more can a girl  wish for than a teeny, weeny pocket???

Now, you know me - I recycle, reuse and re purpose. BUT sometimes you get these little books for cheap, cheap so I have to show you how to customize them.

First of all - I didn't think this up all by myself. Monika Wright has a tutorial on how to add pages to a Zutter bound journal. And as nothing is new, I adapted the idea to add a customized cover to my CHEAP journal.

1. Tear one page out to the journal to use as a template. If you buy in bulk when they are on special (like IMPERFECT ME) you just tear one out and use it for all.
Mark the holes - I used my chalkboard pen to mark it out.
2. Punch the holes - I used a punch I've had for YEARS but never used but you can utilize your Crop-O-Dile or even an needle would work.
3. Snip a little slit at the back of the holes. (This is where I used Monika's idea)
4. Just glue your new front page to the shop bought one.
Decorate as you wish.
D-O-N-E !!!!

My beautiful son and his more than beautiful wife is going on honeymoon to Paris and I thought it would be wonderful for my daughter-in-law to have this little journal to keep track of everything they see and do.

BUT, as I bought a stash while they were on special, you'll be seeing them again!! I think they would make wonderful Xmas pressies. Just add a pen / pencil and I'm looking out for a Silhouette cut file for a little box. All my neighbour and friend pressies sorted!!

That's it. Please check back as I have LOTS and LOTS and LOTS more to share right here. In the meantime, have fun and remember to try something new TODAY.

PS. What inspired me??? The challenge over @ SimonSaysStamp - "Transport it" (= TRAVEL for me). Hop over and see what the rest of Blogland did  AND!!!!! Paris = Parys (in Afrikaans)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 40

Hello Bloglanders

And I'm back with another week in review. First of all - we went camping in Montagu and this was lunch on Saturday!!!

And I kept myself busy. Since I started Wilna's course over at Big Picture classes I haven't had the time to do the painting projects. So, I packed everything and used the time out of doors to be creative and finish some painting.

I love Wilna's course. Great video's, lots of free files AND her stuff is gorgeous. 

And the last of the metric dance dresses:

I'll show pictures of Cara wearing THE red dress once I get them.  And after cleaning up my sewing desk I had about a metre of the cream fabric left (used as lining here and here) so, I made a little informal dress. Next year she is going to university and will wear little dresses like this on most occasions. Students tend to under dress in comparison to metric farewells.

Can you believe it's all the same fabric??? Waste not, want not. 

And in transit to Montagu I was fortunate enough to have an few hours to visit my Robertson BBF, Anel.  I always try to give something homemade to her but this time I just didn't get to it and this was plan B:

At some stage we couldn't get Sweetie Pies down under in Sunny SA and as they are her fave choccies, I bought a stash..

On that sweet note, I have to say goodbye. Have a great week and thanks for looking at my blog. I'll be back to share some more crafting fun right here on Play as U Go. Just check back.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sewing, Sewing and some more SEWING!!

Good morning Bloglanders

You all know that I've been sewing away this year. I think 2014 will always be remembered as THE year of the dresses.  First up "my" bridesmaids:

(Pic ex Moira West Photography)

All different shapes and sizes and they looked fabulous.

And I couldn't resist to show this one:

                                                          (Pic ex Moira West Photography)

On to the metric farewells. I do love this "vintage style" dress that Cara wore to hers:

And Mauneen did the long, slim and sexy:

For a home sewer these last two dresses have been BIG challenges but I'm rather proud that I kept at it and it turned out wonderful. True to my 2014 promise to myself - I've tried something new and got the pic's to show that I've conquered!!

We received the wedding pictures yesterday. Next week I'll put some of my favorites up for you to see. I do love this one of the groomsmen with my two beautiful boys in the middle:

(Pic ex Moira West Photograph)

This picture really makes me tear up as I can't believe that Pieter and Wernich have been best friends for the past 12 + years and never once in all that time did they quarrel.  I'm rather proud of Pieter for sharing his home, his parents and his worldly possessions with Wernich - don't think I would have adapted that easily from being an only child to sibling rivalry.

These groomsmen came from every facet of Pieter's life. One even went to play school with him when they were only 3 years old!!

That's it. I'm off to get packing for a camping trip!!! Thanks for looking at my blog today and sharing my pride and joy.