Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sunday Summary Week 9

Hello Bloglanders

Another week full of creative fun!  I slipcovered a chair!! Actually I did 2 but let's start with the first one:

I used this tutorial and making a pattern was the hardest part. But, if you follow the instructions and pin it inside out, it works very well. It should look like this:

The problem with slipcovers is that once you start washing them, they shrink a bit and it's total hell to get it back on the chair. This time round I made mine with Velcro at the back. Much easier to get the cover on and off. I started out early Saturday morning and by lunchtime the cover was on the chair. 

I'm still working on my Amy Tangerine Handbook and this slipcover idea came from Practice 3. If you are inspired, print it out, pin it where you can see it and get going.  If we have a "stay-at-home-weekend" I'll be doing a project each Saturday. Watch this space and I'll tell you all about it. And my Amy Tangerine inspiration page:

And we extended our family. Since last year we had a wild cat coming into the house at night and eating all sorts of things - mostly sweets!! And now she moved in!! I woke up during the night and there she was, fast asleep in my living room.

Sorry about the quality of the picture but I took it with my iPhone and it was really, really dark. I love cats and as I don't have any of my own, I'm truly blessed that this one chose me.

We went camping over the weekend. My view from "MOTLAPPER":

River Goose Campsite near Bonnievale.

One of the Stellenbosch University buildings burnt down.

It brought back memories from years gone by as I attended the same university and the hostel I lived in actually burnt down during my 1st year. No easy task to be writing exams and tests and having to be in class and studying 24/7 when you don't have anything left. Here is one of my scrapbooks with pics:

At times like these I'm glad that I scrap!

And the cupboards in the master bedroom is finally finished:

I love it!!

That's it from me. Next project is an headboard for my new bedroom. Watch this space and I'll show exactly what I do. Thanks for looking at my blog today. Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Card for my Dad

Hi Bloglanders

I made these cards a few years ago but decided to zuss one up as a "thank you card" for my dad. He always gifts us with money for Christmas and as he is still a firm believer in snail mail, I got my "card box" out. The outside looks like this:

I used leftover pictures from a seaside family holiday, die cut frames, an office paperclip and a few scraps. DONE.  I've counted - 10 layers and that's not counting the inside:

A Grand total of  14!! When we write family "thank you" notes, we each do a page and I stitch it inside the card. Sort of like a mini folder. Don't you think it would be great to receive a whole stack of  letters in one pretty card??


Hop over to see what the rest of Blogland did. I'm off to get the boys (and girl) to write their messages. Thanks for looking at my blog today. Have fun and remember to try something new - TODAY!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Summery Week 8

Hello Bloglanders

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Wynand went on a business trip last week which left me with the office, house and boys. Pieter and his Princess are moving to Cape Town so - I HATE moving. The worst part is that everything they don't need, comes back home and I have to sort / store / re-purpose.

On 'n brighter note. I started this layout last year but only finished it today. Have you ever journalled before you do the embellishments. My 1st attempt:

The paper is from Studio Calico, the die cuts from Wilna Furstenberg, the embellishments from American Crafts and my butterfly flair from A Flair for Buttons.  I'll be linking this project to the Paper Issues challenge It's Hip to be Square

Every month I sit down and journal about what is happening in our lives, our home, the business and other things of interest. I've never done one of these 4x4 Project Life pages but loved how it turned out!! I added the embellishments on top of the page protector. It's great if it slightly overlaps the pocket. Gives a bit of dimension and interest.

While Wynand was away, I worked day and night to finish our bedroom's blinds and curtains. Another project done:

The room looks bright, airy and the sunshine is streaming through the windows. I can keep the Roman blind open and close the see through curtains for privacy if needed. Next up, I'm going to do something about the courtyard in front of our bedroom. Watch this space!

My next project is the laundry room.  I started with some wall art. Maybe you can help me decide - coloured or chalkboard?

I made this project to link to the Craftaholics Anonymous Friday Link party.

Once again, mine is in Afrikaans, my home language and it says wash, dry, iron, fold and repeat.  I added laundry symbols to add interest and to make it different from all the versions I've seen on Pinterest. My inspiration actually came from a course I did @ Big Picture Classes where we had to use symbols on a layout. You can read all about my previous effort here.

And I had to send a card to my mum's friend who turned 80. I'm not a "cardie" but I do send handmade cards and use lots of tags on my pressies. Therefore, when everything is out, I do a few to clean up my desk and recycle some leftovers.  This one was left from this batch. I just added a card to the back of the tag, a sentiment and it was ready to be mailed off.

Busy week!! And my table is still full of projects. I'm slip covering a chair, we are going camping, Wynand has a "to do list" for "MOTLAPPER" (I've explained in this post who she is), Pieter's move is this weekend and they are moving into their first "own" home. The Princess has asked me to make her curtains - 32 metres of black velvet.  I'm off to have my eyes tested - all that BLACK!!

Well, I'll do ANYTHING for my children and how bad can black velvet curtains be??  I'll tell once it's done. Just keep checking back and all will be revealed here on Play as U Go.

That's it from Hamman HQ. Enjoy your week and have lots of FUN!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sunday Summery Week 7/2015

Hello Bloglanders

I KNOW ..................... it's Tuesday but still ............................ I don't want to miss a week. And this is what I did:

Spend a lot of time "Valentine crafting".

I re-used most of my items from years gone by but it was worth keeping it!! For Wynand I made this little sticky note file and for my little friends these party favours.

I slip covered a chair but my production came to a halt when we had a power failure so this one will have to stand over to week 8. Watch this space - I'm going to have an awesome, purple chair!!

And I worked like mad on my PL pages.

Then I ran out of the little circle embellishments from Simple Stories and couldn't get any more online SO, I made my own ............................... in Afrikaans!!

These are sort of summery, love and fun but I'm planning to do some more with other themes. My templates are done, I can just change the images and fill patterns. As easy as that!

Here you can see what I did:

On the left you can see my SNAP inspiration. I printed my artwork on 6x4 cards, punched it out with my Creative Memories small circle punch (didn't even know I still had one!!) and it's done. I even mad a few bigger ones to decorate my little storage containers. Watch this space, you will see them again.

And I couldn't wait to use them:

I decorated my Friday the 13th and Valentine's day pages with them.  On the left is an Amy Tangerine quote that I received for signing up for the handbook.  It's so important to make something of every single day, every minute and every second. I love to have it on hand as a reminder.

And I baked a jam roll. It's Wynand's favourite and it turned out perfect. It's the easiest recipe - I've been using it since primary school. If you want the recipe, just get it here

I had a blogpost up over at Craft Storage Ideas about storing Planner Goodies. Hop over and read all about it. Just click here.

That's it!! I've done a lot!! And I've got some unfinished projects on my craft desk.  Check back and I'll share it right here on Play as U GO. Until we meet again ............................... have FUN and remember to try something new - TODAY!

Monday, February 16, 2015

My #1 Valentine

Hello Bloglanders

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and Valentine's Day.  In the shops I see that all things Valentine are on sale today and the shelves already filled to the brim with Easter goodies. But I decided to show you what I made for Wynand  on Valentine's day.

A mini sticky note folder. Here you can see what I mean:

We use a lot of sticky notes in the office and they are all over the place. I didn't even buy new ones - just hunted down the stash and now it's all in one place, neatly filed away.

This "some bunny loves u" is my favourite stamp. I have used it on numerous occasions. While all the stamping goodies were out, I did a few more. They will go towards cards, tags and my Personal Planner.

My inspiration came from the SimonSaysStamp Wednesday challenge -
and I'm sure my little bunny folder will feel right at home over there. Hop over and see what the rest of Blogland did.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Have a GREAT week and please check back as we will have lots more fun here on Play as U GO.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Good morning and happy Saturday to you all!!

While looking for some non edible Valentine's Day inspiration on Pinterest I stumbled upon the most beautiful subway art.  But I'm Afrikaans ............................... , my family is Afrikaans ................................... and my friends are Afrikaans. So, I made my own!!

To all my fellow South Africans - "Geniet" and to my English speaking friends, this post says it all if you are looking for "lovely" Subway Art - Enjoy.

Have a GREAT day, do something special, have FUN and make some more memories.

PS. If you are looking for more "Afrikaans Subway Arikaans, just click on the here.

                LINK                             LINK                             LINK                                 LINK

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Inspiration

Hello Bloglanders

I hope you are having a happy Friday the 13th and if things are not going your way - kick up your heels - tomorrow is Valentine's day and you deserve some fun!! Spread some LOVE.

I'm always looking for non-edible Valentine favours for my family. Don't ask me why, but I think it's because I like things to last more than a day. And these are ones that I found on Pinterest:

This one knocked my socks off!!


And you blow me away:

Colouring-in is the new flavour of the month @ Hamman HQ:

My family IS exSTRAWordinary.

Lego for the little (and not so little) ones:

Staying with the kiddos:

Something "BEE" themed:

NEVER enough pens and pencils @ Hamman HQ:

Most of the time I'll do a subway print for to zuss up my house. Of course mine will be in Afrikaans as it is my home language and if you check back tomorrow, I'll gladly share my effort. This is the one that inspired me:

I love to recycle and notepads are ALWAYS useful:

For those of you who got down to business months ago - let's hear what you did!  Leave me a comment and for those of you who are rushing around to finish projects (like IMPERFECT ME) - good luck and keep going.

Have a great weekend and remember to have FUN and to try something new - TODAY!