Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Project Life 2017 - Week 12

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you are having a wonderful week!! Yesterday the 100 day Project started. OK, I didn't Google it, I didn't sign up for it but that's me. I live by my own rules. I decided that I would finish 1 thing every day for 100 days and I'm not aiming for perfection, everything above 50% will count as a success.

Currently, I'll be finishing PL pages - recent and even unfinished ones from past years. We will see .............

Yesterday, I finished half of Week 12. Actually, since I took this photo and filed the project away, I finished the second page as well. 2/100 for me! Let me show you my PL page:

My cats, daughter-in-law's birthday bash and what we did, saw and experienced. For the middle picture of my son's cat, I used a screenshot from Instagram. His account is private therefore I couldn't just copy but I still wanted to document what's happening in Wednesday's life. (Wednesday is their cat and my only "grandchild"). I LOVE having it as part of my spread.

Currently week 12's first half is next to a Art Journal page. It was not supposed to be like that as I like having the whole week in one view but it looked so good that I decided to keep it as is.

I'll tell you all about my art journaling in my next post. It's a hybrid between art journaling, faithbooking and a gratitude journal. Just check back and all will be revealed. (I've used the brush strokes to hide my personal journaling, Sorry!!)

And another pic:

The flair and label is from Kelly Purkey's shop and the paper from Studio Calico's Citrus Twist. It's my ALL time favorite paper pack.

I think Project Life is much easier if you stick to a recipe. I normally print my journaling (Word doc, office paper) but I do love to add handwritten notes here and there. I make my own tiny alphas in Silhouette as well as a week number. Normally I use a date label from one of Kelly Purkey's label stamps but if all else fails, I will use what I have on my desk. This one is from Elle's Studio - "Love You More!"

That's it. I feel good about finishing projects. Now, I have to get to the office but I'll surely fit in some crafting time when my admin is done. Have a GREAT Wednesday and please come back to play.

PS. I'm submitting my page to the SimonSaysStamp Wednesday Challenge - ANYTHING GOES. Hop over and see what goes in the rest of Blogland.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Everything Wedding

Happy Monday Bloglanders

I've been really, really busy for the past month and couldn't share all the fun that I've been having but today I can share with you. My oldest friend's daughter, An-Louise got married over the weekend and I made her dress.

Even though she could afford the best designer dress, she wanted me to make it as her mother and I have been BFF's since birth. YES, our parents lived on adjoining farms and our moms were pregnant together, we were born a few months apart, went to primary school, high school, university together  and remained close to this day.

Normally I don't do wedding dresses as the most wonderful girl turns into a monster when getting married but not An-Louise. She knew exactly what she wanted and I just had to do the sewing. I'll post some more pictures and a link when it's on the photographer's website.

Here is my "work in progress" pictures which will be going into my sewing journal. If you missed that one, check it out here.

And I had some time left to do a "box" for my gift card:

The box and flower were done with my Silhouette and the birds are from a VERY old Doodlebug and Sizzix stamp and die cut set - called Mr & Mrs. It's my "go to" wedding gift / card / box embellishment set. 
For these birds, I used some left-over paper from a multi-media project, stamped and diecut. DONE. I still have the wedding cake and bells left in my stash patiently awaiting my next wedding project. I also used the tag and "Mr & Mrs" inside the box tied around my gift card and the letter I wrote to the bride and groom. Everyone gives pots, pans, linen and money. SO, this time I gifted them with a card to buy ready meals when they come home from work and don't want to cook. It's much more important to have time with your loved one than slaving away in the kitchen. Especially if you are newly weds!! OK, that's just me. 

That's it!! I can't wait to get my hand on the wedding pictures. I already kept a double page spread open in my Project Life album for them and the memorabilia is stashed in a 6x8 pocket. SO excited. I'll share once it's done.

Have a wonderful week and please check back as I've got lots more to share right here on Play as U GO.
PS. I'm submitting my gift card box to the SimonSaysStamp Monday challenge - Things with Wings.Hop over there and see all the wings!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Rate it

Hello Bloglanders

I hope you are having a wonderful week. EVERYWHERE on the interwebs I see SPRING but down under in Sunny SA we are having a very dry fall. No time to mope - our winters a mild and this year we wish and pray for lots of rain. Hope to get some soon as all the dams are VERY low and if we do not get rain soon, we will run out of water. No joke - NO WATER.

Let me show you another page from my Travel Journal:

The spread on the right is a digital Project Life page printed onto 4x4 photo paper. I think I did it while standing in the Post Office rows!!

I totally love my new stamp set "rate it". It's from Studio L2E. I've seen it on one of the SimonSaysStamp Challenges and just had to have it. Living down under we love to travel, camp, visit restaurants and hotels - OK, doesn't anyone??. After such a visit, I normally write down a few notes in my Travel Journal - price, quality, where, when, etc. With this stamp, it's just SO much fun. I punched out the stars for rating as well as the "i eat" stamped image. That one is from Evalicious. I just LOVE travel related things!!

The car and caravan was done with my Silhouette, the man love woman stamp from Amy Tangerine and the tent from L2E "rate it" as well.

And a close-up:

And another one!

That's it!! I'm off to do some more exploring. Please come back to play and all will be revealed. If you want to see what the rest of Blogland did with the SimonSaysStamp Wednesday challenge -

Use More Than One Die Or Punch

just click here.

Have a wonderful week!! AND ...............................

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Based on a book

Happy Sunday to you all!!

I've had my Travel Journal for ages but it always had it's original black cover. When I saw the SimonSaysStamp Monday Challenge of the week - Based on a book, I decided to zuss up my little black book.

GAAN.SIEN.DOEN = GO.SEE.DO in Afrikaans. I cut the words with my Silhouette and added it to a textured background. I own only 3 bottles of mist - yellow, brown and blue. I decided to use it and I love the aged feeling. The zigzags was done with some Guesso and a stencil. I did cover everything with a few layers of Podge as this little bay has still lots of places to travel to.

And what is a book without a back cover??

The small words was printed on copy paper, cut apart and glued on with the Podge. I totally love the translucent feel. As my husband and I travel alone most of the time with both the boys having their own lives now, I decided to add a little "couple" diecut to make it more personal.

And a "before" pic of my little black book:

I own a stash of these and after this project turned out so GREAT, I'll be giving each and every one an overall. Just wait and see!! Maybe I should invest in a few more colours of mist. Any ideas?? The 3 that I have are all from different manufacturers. Please let me know in the comments.

If you want to see what the rest of Blogland did with the "Based on a book" challenge, hop over to SimonSaysStamp Monday Challenge and see for yourself.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend.  I'll be back with some more crafting fun. Just check back to Play as U GO. I LOVE to play with my craft supplies!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Anything Goes Travel Journal Page

Hi there Bloglanders

Do you keep a travel journal?? I'm sure you do because it's lots of  fun to look back to revisit your FAVE trips and outings. Today I'm sharing a GOODIE.

It's all about camping, good friends and having a wonderful time. I'm SO glad I stumbled upon the "Rate It" stamp in the SimonSaysStamp shop. You will see a lot more of him - in my journals as well as on Project Life pages.

And some close-ups of my travel notes:

Above you can see where I've hidden my "not so great" handwriting and personal journaling. Got it??

Thanks for looking at my blog today! I'm submitting my project to the SimonSaysStamp Wednesday Challenge - ANYTHING GOES. Hop over there and see what the rest of Blogland did!!

I'm off to rate our European holiday. If you have a "Rate It" stamp you can just as well USE it!!

Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy LOVE day!!

Hi there Bloglanders

I'm sorry I skipped a blogging month (or two) but I had a LOT of stuff to sort out. During the year I'll tell you all about it. It all started with my son's accident. Suddenly you know that life is short and you should cherish every second with your loved ones.

I'm not a big "cardie". Mostly I'll use a tag, name and handmade embellishment to pretty up my pressies or envelopes. Here is one that I've done to embellish homemade rusks.

For Valentine's Day, I decided to make some tags to decorate my goodies. They are generic and will do just as well for a baby, birthday and any special occasion.

As always, my tags are double which means that I have space for a personal message inside. Do you make them like them as well?? Easy peasy. Fold the paper in half and die cut the closed side inside the cutting edge of the die. I'll post a picture to my Instagram feed - if you don't understand, hop over to Instaland and see how.

And another pix:

I used a stamp to make the die cuts with my Silhouette. Scan, trace and lift, offset and cut. While at it, I altered my image to have a heart shaped balloon to replace the kite. I'll add a sentiment to suit the occasion once I use the tag. Just watch this space / my Instagram and all will be revealed.

I can't decide which one I love most!

I'll be trying to make some tags for my stash at least once a month. For inspiration I'll look around Blogland to find a challenge that takes my fancy. This week I was inspired by SimonSaysStamp's Wednesday Challenge - CUTE. I've never before used this stamp and it has been in my stash forever but when I saw the challenge, I immediately went to get it out. Once again, all the other elements came from my stash.

Here is my January and February efforts all ready to be  used:

Oh, I love pretty boxes!! And if they are filled with beauties like these, It's like jewels to me. Diamonds are not really my best friend but give me pretty paper and fabric and I'm in heaven.

That's it for today. I'll be back as I have made the most wonderful December Daily. I know it's not something you show in February but I can't wait until December to blog about it. Want a peek?

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I even love the pink "vacation toes" in my photo. Makes me smile.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and thanks for looking at my blog today.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Journal cover

Happy Sunday Bloglanders!!

I had a wonderful weekend. One son left for Canada, I'm "babysitting" his cat and the other one is moving to a nearby town. Busy, busy, busy.

And I've made sure that I have some crafting FUN as well. A cover for my journals!!

After seeing a video on YouTube, I decided to do my December Daily in a notebook format this year. BUT, I already have one in progress for my Thank-You-Journal on my desk. Getting a bit all over the show. So I decided to make a cover to keep everything together. I totally LOVE the Christmas Cat fabric!!

Wanna peek inside?

On the left is a pocket made with some more Christmassy fabric and on the right my DD. Not done yet but ready for action.
On the left is the back of my DD  waiting to be decorated and on the right my nearly finished gratitude journal. If you missed out on all that fun, just scroll down to my previous post and read all about it.
And last but by no way least I have a brand new one that will become my summer vacation notebook. Remember, down under it's SUMMER and HOT!!

You will see all of them right here on Play as U GO again. Just keep checking back and all will be revealed.

And a bit of detail:

I've added 2 colourful buttons to the front of my cover - my inspiration came from the SimonSaysStamp Monday challenge - Trio-Tastic and I even added 3 bookmarks. The trim and buttons all came from my sewing stash. Totally love seeing and using them all the time.

Wanna make one yourself?

1. To get the size, I stacked 3 journals and folded a piece of copy paper to fit over it.
2. I added about 1 inch to the length of the copy paper and my pattern is made.
3. Zig-zag some stiffing onto the back of iron-on-batting. I made it about half an inch smaller all around and even made a "spine" for my cover as it will become bulky when  my journals fill up. For stiffing I've uses mosaic backing - I'm sure you will get something similar in your local fabric shop but this works very well and I use it in lots of sewing projects.
4. Fabric for my front cover ironed onto the batting.
5. Lining for my inside cover.
6. Pockets for the front and back flaps. I can add 2 more journals here should I need to. 
7. Elastic to keep my journals from falling out.
8. To the front cover I've added the buttons and some more elastic to keep my journals from falling out and my memorabilia safe.
OK ...................................... I forgot to take a pic!! Just sandwich the front and backs together and pipe all around.

If you want  more detail ............................. leave me a comment below and I'll gladly answer / give more info.

I totally love it!! Think I'll do some more in different sizes and even a few for very, very special Christmas pressies.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Have a happy week and please come back to play. Remember to hop over to SimonSaysStamp's Monday Challenge to see the rest of Bloglands Trio-Tastics.