Friday, May 30, 2014

Over @ Craft Storage Ideas with a craft room with a difference

Hello Bloglanders

Finally, it's Friday!! I need this break to clean up the mess the builders made working on our new "master suite".  As expected, everything did not go according to plan and it will still be a while before the new wardrobes are fitted and the bathroom finished. Well, nobody said it would be easy. I will show once it's done.

I'm just checking in to remind you that I'm over at Craft Storage Ideas with a craft room with a difference - a vintage trailer conversion!! I totally love what Becky from Blue June did.

Who would put in the effort to decoupage walls?? SO worth it!

I think this "chest of drawers" must me my FAVE item:

Hop over to Craft Storage Ideas to see for yourself. Just click here. While there, remember to leave some comments as I would love to hear what you think.  If you have storage ideas of your own, leave a link and maybe your project will be featured next.

That's it from me. I'm off to have a wonderful day.  I'll post some ideas for my "master suite" over the weekend. Check back and you can dream along.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm still here!!

Hi there Bloglanders

I know I've been a very bad Bloglander and thanks to all of you who sent me emails to enquire if all is well down under. Yes, it's well just very chaotic!! Wynand and I live in a rather big 55-year-old house and for the past 7 years we just kept everything under control and renovated only when needed. Both the boys moved out and we were left with huge amounts of their stuff, our stuff and a house too big for us.

So, I packed up Wernich's room over the weekend - 23 x 70 liters storage containers!!!! - and that's only what was left behind. Remember, he has everything he needs where he currently lives. His old room will become our new master bedroom and our room will be converted into a flatlet for him when he moves back South next year or to rent out to students. I did the same with Pieter's flat when he moved out.

But I did find something creative to fill the free seconds I had. Birthdays and "thank you notes" never stop so I made this label strip to cut and print with my Silhouette. Remember, I'm Afrikaans and we don't get sentiments in our home language. Here it is:

This one is 6x4 so I did them X4 on one A4 sheet - enough to use now and keep a few for emergencies or my "Christmas stationary refill kits". Some of them will also be used as part of Project Life - keep checking back and you will meet again.

See, even though I currently only know where my computer is, I made some time to be crafty and to try out something new. With the rest of my life in crates or under a couple of inches dust, I'll still check back with you and share what I do.  Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Have a great day and remember to try something new today.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Over at Craft Storage Ideas with a Project Life station

Good morning Bloglanders

Happy Friday to you all!! Just a quickie to tell you that I'm over at Craft Storage Ideas with Christine Newman's Ikea Raskog card that she converted into a Project Life station. Just click here to hop over and see for yourself. Remember to leave me some comments and use the links in the post to see the original.

I totally love it and if you do Project Life, it's well worth investing in some sort of system where all your goodies are on hand 24/7.

And a teaser:

I'll be back over the weekend with some more crafting fun. Have a wonderful Friday and thanks for visiting my blog today.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Belated Mother's Day

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you are having a wonderful day. It's fall down under in Sunny SA and it's beautiful.  Wonderful weather and sunshine most of the day.

As Wynand was in hospital with his back operation on Mother's day we sort of spent the day there but last Saturday girlfriend #2 and I went for lunch to celebrate a belated Mother's day and I took some pics on my iPhone to show.

We went to Mont Marie just outside Stellenbosch. The view is great, we loved the food and wine and all in all it was a wonderful experience.

On the left you can see the platter they serve with the wine. Sticky chicken wings, home baked bread and dips. On the right is my lunch. Sole risotto with olive tapenade, baby tomatoes, and dill cream. I wouldn't normally order Sole but this - ANYTIME!!! No bones, cooked to perfection and wonderful flavours.

These pics makes me smile - such a wonderful day!  I can't wait to get them printed and to do my PL Mother's Day Layout.  If you want to see, check back and all will be revealed.

That's it from me. I'm back to the Black Bridesmaid's dresses. Have fun today and remember to try something new.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Daybook for Project Life album.

Hello Bloglanders

I've been very, very busy but don't think that I didn't get to my crafts - I just did not get to taking the pics to show. And that's why I blog ........................ to record what I do and to share with those who love to craft. In 90 days my son is getting married and I have 8 bridesmaid's dresses to make - all in black!! Wish me luck!! On a more positive note .......................... my Daybook for Project Life:

Remember him?

When we go away for a weekend I like to make a Daybook to record the weather, menu and activities. Since I started PL in 2011, I adapted the size to fit into a 6 x 4 PL page protector pocket.

Here you can see the inside pages:
I bought the little "weather stamp" from Citrus Twist - just love it. It is great to record the daily weather. Best part of the little Daybook is that all the journaling were already done when I got home and I only added pictures to complete a double page spread.

If you want to see the rest of my PL mini books, here is the link. Also, to the right of my blog header is a Quick Link - "PL Mini's" where you can get hold of the rest.

That's it from me. Back to the Black Bridesmaid's dresses!! I'll be back. In the meantime, have fun and remember to try something new.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Craft Storage Ideas chance to win with Organize More

Hello Bloglanders

Remember to check out the Craft Storage Ideas blog to win this wonderful Combination Ink and Ribbon organizer from Organize More. 

I'll be back tomorrow with the latest addition to my PL album - another mini book!!  Check back and all will be revealed.

Have fun and try something new.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Afrikaans Subway Art / Graffiti Kuns

Hier is die skakels van my "Afrikaanse Kuns".  Geniet dit!
All the links to my Afrikaans Word Art in one place. Enjoy and have fun!!


Ek sal nog byvoeg, onthou on weer te kom kyk.
Keep checking back as I'll be adding  more.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014!!

Hi there Bloglanders

I hope you are all having a ball - whether you are a mum or just treating your nearest and dearest - this is a day to kick up your heels and ENJOY!! I'm actually all alone - both the boys are otherwise occupied, Wynand had a back operation and will be in hospital until next week and my mum lives 4 hours away.

I'm treating myself to a long walk in the park and then I'm going to sit in the sun with a good book. No daily chores today. And for my Afrikaans Bloglanders - some Mother's Day Subway art:

If you haven't bought a pressie or card - print and you are ready to go.  I've actually printed mine X8 on one A4 sheet and used it as wrapping paper for my little pressie. 

Something else. I'm turning 50 in 3 months time. To celebrate the occasion, I have decided to print 50 pictures of myself and make an album "all about me".  Here is one of me with my mum taken about 47 years ago:

For every 6x4 picture, I plan to include a journaling box telling the story. While I have this day all to myself, I think I'll start on the first 10 pics. You will see and hear more about this project right here on Play as U Go!!

Thanks for looking at my blog today. Have fun and a marvellous Mother's Day.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week

Hi there Bloglanders

Sunny SA is voting today and we have (ANOTHER!!!) public holiday. My Project Life is SO up to date - I even did a double page spread for May and it's only the 7th!! With no children in school, I don't do teacher appreciation any more but I do plan to join in the fun again once I get grandchildren. Therefore, I always gather ideas. Here is a peek into my "ideas file".

I got this from a shop bought Valentine's day "party favor". (Woolworths South Africa)

And the rest of the family:

I think all of these would be great for a teacher, someone you love or for Valentine's Day.  They came with little red jelly fish but it could work just as well with marshmallow fish. 

And for those of you who want a peek at my very long long weekend Project Life mini book. Here she is: 

I pre printed the cover, stitched it with my sewing machine to keep the book together and added a few embellishments from my stash. Most of them are from Evalicous.  I'm totally hooked on that "shoppie"!!

I'll take pictures of the inside tomorrow and will show once it's done.  Keep checking back and all will be revealed.

I'm off to do some cleaning up in my Craft Closet. Tomorrow is back to the office as I have lots of admin to do. Thanks for looking at my blog today.

Have a great day!

Monday, May 5, 2014

April Project Life

Hello Bloglanders

Once again, we had a long, long weekend down under in Sunny SA. Wynand and I went on a camping weekend in the Sandveld.  That's on the West Coast and quite near to the sea.  Beautiful scenery, tranquil and the company of great friends - what more can a girl wish for?

And a pic for U to see:

Yesterday was National Scrapbook day and as I didn't have a lot of time to craft, I finished off two Project Life spreads.

All about family, home, pets and good times!! I have used my new fave color combo - yellow, grey, black and white with a bit of washed out blue.

Today I have to get my office work done and then I'm off to print the last of April's pics as well as the Happy Camper weekend's.  I made a mini book to record all that we've seen and done - will take pics later today to show.

If you don't want to miss out, just check back and all will be revealed. Thanks for looking at my blog today - have a GREAT week.


PS. I've been over @ Craft Storage Ideas with a great tip. If you want to read all about it, just click here. 

And a sneak peak for the lazy ones: