Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm still here!!

Hi there Bloglanders

I know I've been a very bad Bloglander and thanks to all of you who sent me emails to enquire if all is well down under. Yes, it's well just very chaotic!! Wynand and I live in a rather big 55-year-old house and for the past 7 years we just kept everything under control and renovated only when needed. Both the boys moved out and we were left with huge amounts of their stuff, our stuff and a house too big for us.

So, I packed up Wernich's room over the weekend - 23 x 70 liters storage containers!!!! - and that's only what was left behind. Remember, he has everything he needs where he currently lives. His old room will become our new master bedroom and our room will be converted into a flatlet for him when he moves back South next year or to rent out to students. I did the same with Pieter's flat when he moved out.

But I did find something creative to fill the free seconds I had. Birthdays and "thank you notes" never stop so I made this label strip to cut and print with my Silhouette. Remember, I'm Afrikaans and we don't get sentiments in our home language. Here it is:

This one is 6x4 so I did them X4 on one A4 sheet - enough to use now and keep a few for emergencies or my "Christmas stationary refill kits". Some of them will also be used as part of Project Life - keep checking back and you will meet again.

See, even though I currently only know where my computer is, I made some time to be crafty and to try out something new. With the rest of my life in crates or under a couple of inches dust, I'll still check back with you and share what I do.  Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Have a great day and remember to try something new today.


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