Monday, May 5, 2014

April Project Life

Hello Bloglanders

Once again, we had a long, long weekend down under in Sunny SA. Wynand and I went on a camping weekend in the Sandveld.  That's on the West Coast and quite near to the sea.  Beautiful scenery, tranquil and the company of great friends - what more can a girl wish for?

And a pic for U to see:

Yesterday was National Scrapbook day and as I didn't have a lot of time to craft, I finished off two Project Life spreads.

All about family, home, pets and good times!! I have used my new fave color combo - yellow, grey, black and white with a bit of washed out blue.

Today I have to get my office work done and then I'm off to print the last of April's pics as well as the Happy Camper weekend's.  I made a mini book to record all that we've seen and done - will take pics later today to show.

If you don't want to miss out, just check back and all will be revealed. Thanks for looking at my blog today - have a GREAT week.


PS. I've been over @ Craft Storage Ideas with a great tip. If you want to read all about it, just click here. 

And a sneak peak for the lazy ones:

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