Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014!!

Hi there Bloglanders

I hope you are all having a ball - whether you are a mum or just treating your nearest and dearest - this is a day to kick up your heels and ENJOY!! I'm actually all alone - both the boys are otherwise occupied, Wynand had a back operation and will be in hospital until next week and my mum lives 4 hours away.

I'm treating myself to a long walk in the park and then I'm going to sit in the sun with a good book. No daily chores today. And for my Afrikaans Bloglanders - some Mother's Day Subway art:

If you haven't bought a pressie or card - print and you are ready to go.  I've actually printed mine X8 on one A4 sheet and used it as wrapping paper for my little pressie. 

Something else. I'm turning 50 in 3 months time. To celebrate the occasion, I have decided to print 50 pictures of myself and make an album "all about me".  Here is one of me with my mum taken about 47 years ago:

For every 6x4 picture, I plan to include a journaling box telling the story. While I have this day all to myself, I think I'll start on the first 10 pics. You will see and hear more about this project right here on Play as U Go!!

Thanks for looking at my blog today. Have fun and a marvellous Mother's Day.


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