Monday, February 29, 2016

My 2016 "Plan of Action"

Happy Monday Bloglanders!!

I hope you are well. I took some time off blogging for a bit of work and travelling with my husband. Last year when my mom was so sick I realized that if you get to that point, all that counts, is your memories. We should really make them matter.

Part of making more memories is having more time to make them!! And YES, I'll still be crafting as it is part of ME but I decided to make it quicker.

I'm using a 6x12 album for my 2016 PL. I like that it is the same length as my 12 x 12's from previous years but it is easier to move around the house and one week in my life fits onto a single or double page. If I need more, I'll just use more ........................ no rules! Not only a change of size, I'm embracing my phone skills.

I spend hours waiting on clients, in queues at the Post Office, Traffic Department and Grocery Store. It drives me crazy to lose all this time. SO, 2016 started out with a few apps in my Christmas stocking. The ones I use is PhotoGrid (I LOVE collages!); LetterGlow, Project Life and Dropbox. Between these 4, I can do ANYTHING!!!

From top to bottom:
I added the date and location in LetterGlow. I wanted some open spaces as I'll be adding "hard" elements for the date and week.

I used a template from the Project Life app, added my pictures, a journaling card and some journaling then saved it to my pictures. I opened it up in Letterglow and added the other elements "lief dit" (love it); "PEREK" (perfect), the couple and the arrow. You can even change the colour of the digital image - I changed "lief dit" to orange. DONE!!

Exactly the same!

As I'm Afrikaans and we don't get ANY Afrikaans digi images, I decided to make my own!! These are my first attempts. Wanne know how I get it onto my phone?

I make it in Photoshop, save it to PNG, upload it to Dropbox and ta-da .................................. you can insert it anywhere. As I said, I use LetterGlow but maybe you already have another method. Leave me a comment - I would love to know.

I even make my own journaling cards:

Step 1: Project Life app for the layout, journaling box and filler cards:

Step 2: Still in the PL app, I added the journaling. You can do this in LetterGlow as well but in PL it forms a textpath which is much easier to manipulate than adding text one row at a time.

Step 3: Adding elements in LetterGlow. I also added the "Oktober" here - can't do it like that in PL app / I just haven't figured it out!!

The "hello" and red arrows is from LetterGlow's library, "PERFEK" (perfect) once again - my own handiwork uploaded to Dropbox and the pineapple  is a digital image from Amy Tangerine. "Oktober" (October) was just typed and moved and sized to fit the block already on the journaling card.

Have you tried using your phone for crafting?? I use an iPhone 6 and I find it really easy and straightforward to operate. I have NO knowledge of other phones but I'm sure the apps will work for whatever you use.

OH!!! Before I forget ................................ Before I go to the printers, I go back to the PL app and see what my completed page will look like:
This is the only 6x12 page template on the app (as far as I know). I would love to have one that has 1 x 6 x 12 slot and another with 3 x 6 x 4 slots. In the meantime, I'm making plans to do what I have to. You can print the page as it is but I do it in 3 separate 4x6 photos as it's a lot cheaper and I love pocket pages. IMPERFECT ME!!

I'm off to have my pictures printed. When I come back I'll add my "hard" elements and tomorrow you will have a picture of my completed page right here on Play as U GO.  Check back. I have some more 2016 shortcuts to share!!

Have wonderful day and thanks for looking at my blog today. Feel free to ask questions. If I can help, I surely will.
PS. To my Afrikaans Bloglanders. Here is the link to the two digital images that I've used on this page. Download and USE!! Check back and I'll share some more right here on Play as U GO.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day 2016

Hi there Bloglanders

This morning when I wanted to write a brand, spanking new blogpost, I remembered that it's Valentine's Day tomorrow. I didn't prep anything special as Wynand and I are alone most of the time (with both the boys having their own, grown-up lives) and we do special things for one another every day.

I'm planning a picnic in our garden en have more than enough projects from past years lined up to make it special.

I just typed "Valentine's Day" into the "search" option on my blog and all these came up!! Have a go and you are in for a treat -a Valentine's Day treat  - from me to you.

We will be having coffee in the mugs, I'll serve cool, summery cocktails in the bottles, I'm printing the Subway art onto copy paper and it will be our placemats, the tins will hold small hearty chocolates.  I loved doing all these projects and are glad that they can be altered and re-used in years when my mojo is low.

That's it. Hope I brought you some inspiration. Have a hearty Valentine's Day and please come back to play as I'll be back with another project soon.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Planner Page February 2016

Happy Monday Bloglanders

I hope you are having a BLAST!! It's very hot down under in Sunny SA and we spend most of our time at the pool, having a "braai" or camping. SO, my Traveller's Notebook is filling up FAST. I'm also planning day (and night) in order to have as much free time as possible.

Let's look at another page from my Planner.

I've used paper pieces which I received as a freebie with a scrapbook order. This is what I got:

I'll be trying to use it to do a Planner page, a Traveller's Journal page, a page for my Notebook and a Project Life spread. Think I will manage??? Let's give it a go.

Here you can see the right side:

I LOVE the stamps that I've used!  If you want to know where I got them, I'll look it up but I'm totally too lazy to do it today!! On the left it looks like this:

Washi from my stash, the heart stamp is from Gorjuss and part of a set that I've never used - more suitable for cards and as you know - no elaborate cards for me. I'm glad that at least some part of the set fits in with my scrapping style.

Planner Page, done, dusted and next project ready to go.

I also made this "lekker by die see" digital stamp. YES. It's Afrikaans and I'll be sharing my artwork and inside info in my next Blogpost.  Just check back and all will be revealed. Here it is:

Like it? Just come back to play.

I'm off - things to do, people to meet and places to go. Have a wonderful week.