Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Social Media Upgrade

Hi there Bloglanders

Some time ago I learned a lesson ……………………………….. from my mobile phone!!! Yes, one morning my phone didn't work and the message on the screen said “service restricted”. The phone shop had it sorted in minutes but I kept thinking – MY social media skills are “restricted”. 

So, I embarked on a social media upgrade – I joined FB, enrolled in an online Photoshop course and started a blog. Since then I have added a few more items to my repertoire but that’s not what it’s about -  the big achievement is that I didn't let “things” keep me back.

I still struggle with Photoshop, blogging is hard work and I love Silhouette Studio but my biggest achievement – I’m not “restricted” any more. To celebrate my freedom, I've done this foldout for my 2014 diary:

I print it doublesided - you will see the little marks where I cut and fold. When I open up my daily page, I've got the "My Day" of the previous insert to my left and the "Date" and "2 Do" page on my right. When it folds open, I have the "Menu" and "Try something New" pages left and right.

This project is hot off the press - if you want to see what it looks like once I've filled it out - check back - it will be right here on my blog tomorrow.

That's it from me. Thanks for looking at my blog today and please come back to play.

Have a wonderful day!

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