Friday, June 19, 2015

Sunday Summary Week 24 and 25 / 2015

Hi there Bloglanders

I can't decide if I'm behind schedule or before. OK, I know I'm behind but would love to be "before". Right now my house is taking up ALL my free time and the teeny bit of crafting that gets done, don't get photographed. That said, let's see what's happening at Hamman HG.

I did bake a batch of cookies and gifted my neighbor's children with a mini cookie box each.  I made rabbits, trees, cats, a little houses, hearts, Dutch hounds, teddy bears, gingerbread men - all the shapes I could lay my hands on. The children loved recognizing the shapes!!

The mini cake boxes were cut with my Silhouette. I'll show them later in a separate post. Watch this space and all will be revealed.

And look what came from my garden!!!

I see a lemon meringue coming up!

And even my orchids lived up to expectations this year.

I tried out a few new recipes as well. This week it was Tomato soup with croutons. The low carb version!! For the croutons, I used this recipe for Parmesan scones and made mini, mini ones which I dried out in the oven. Perfect for salads and soups!! I'm going to make a BIG batch and keep them on hand. It would be perfect for a snack as well ..................... some avo guacamole ................. YUM.

I think I'm finally getting the hang of low carb. Not easy but still, I have less headaches and a LOT more energy.

Wynand and his camping buddies went on a "Father's Day" weekend.  It's and annual treat they do to get some time to catch up with each other without being interrupted by wives, children, house, garden, pets and daily chores. In the meantime, Wernich and I sorted through his "stuff" and purged a LOT.

And the lockers I ordered finally arrived!!!

72 cubbies to fill with fabric!! To tell you the truth, I would like them to be bright red and the cubbies to be a bit bigger BUT I think it's still the best solution for the space I have. Craft Storage Ideas asked me to blog about the process as I did a Locker Love post for them last month and this would be an extension of that. Once everything is done, I'll tell you all about it!!

And I packed a "travel case" for my planner / mini book goodies. I never go on holiday without a notebook, pens, glue, etc. - and of course - my planner!! I'll share the inside info in a separate post as I'm running out of time - AGAIN ..............................

Here is a sneak peak.  If you want to see the rest of the pictures, it's on my Instagram. To the right of my blog or here.

That's it. Another week @ Hamman HQ. Today, I'm going to get my Project Life pages sorted!  Thanks for looking at my blog and please come back to play.  I have loads more to share right here on Play as U GO.

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