Saturday, January 23, 2016

Here we GO!!

Hello Bloglanders

And I'm back!! To tell the truth, I've just been so busy with my own stuff that I did not get down to writing a blogpost. That doesn't mean that I didn't craft, didn't think up new ideas, did not travel, meet people and see new things. NO!!! I've been there, done that and I will tell you all about some of it right now.

Let's start with my brand, spanking new Project Life album:

These are the first pages in my new album.  Left is my cover page and right week 1's 1ste page. And yes - I'm using an 6x12 album this year. I've been looking at other options as the 12x12's just became too big and bulky for my needs. As all my albums stand tall "cheek to cheek" on one bookcase, I wanted the same "length" but opted for smaller pages and - I'm hooked!!!

I'll be making life easier for myself with some pre-made embellishments, date stamps and journaling directly onto my photos and collages ex Photogrid's  iPhone app.

Here is one I did of a trip we took to Malagas over the weekend:

And I can't help sharing this one as well:

OK, and while it's snowing everywhere, it's HOT down under in Sunny SA. My current FAVE is popsicles
 - I make them with all sorts of fruit and juices / cordials and LOVE having one while floating around on my pool. Maybe SOME day I'll be slim enough to share a bikini pic!! Ha-ha-ha!!!

Wanna have a "I love SUMMER" moment? Here it is and I'll share some of my recipe ideas later this week. Just check back.

And while I had time over the weekend, relaxing, eating alfresco and drinking good West Coast Sauvingon Blanc - I made this mood board for my winter wardrobe. Time to get some fabric shopping sorted but that's a story for another day. Enjoy my mood board in the meantime. If you want the links, get them from my Clothes Pinterest board.

Thanks for looking at my Blog today. I'll be back with some more crafting fun. Just check back and all will be revealed. In the meantime, have fun and remember to try something new - TODAY!!

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