Monday, January 19, 2015

Catching Up

Hello Bloglanders

It's wonderful to be back in Blogland after an extended holiday. I loved every minute of it but now I'm very, very far behind schedule with everything. Most of all - after nearly 6 weeks I've got about 600 beautiful pictures waiting to be scrapped!!! And that is just what I'm going to do.

I've recycled an old beverage trolley into a Project Life station.

I've narrowed down the stuff that I'm going to use, packed it onto my trolley and now we travel throughout the house. Wherever the action is, my trolley and I go.

Here is the top layer:

Here I have my most used items like glue, ink, stamps, corner rounder, pens, etc. Once again I've used old laundry detergent holders to sort my stash. I'll put a post up later this week to show you how I do it.  What a GREAT feeling if you can re-use something that would have been thrown away!

And the middle layer:

Project Life cards, scrap cardstock cut into 3x4, 4x4 and 6x4 - ready to be used and a few embellishments.


A 12x12 box to keep all my leftovers and projects to go. You can see the mini book I'm making for a friend's birthday (X2) on top. I'm actually making two as one will be for myself. More about that later.

On the top layer I hang some of my tools.  I think this was meant to be for a tea towel on the drinks trolley but now I've got scissors and rulers there. Also, my most used stamps are mounted onto perspex blocks that my husband cut from offcuts of my architect son's projects. They are in a small tin together with a black stamp pad - on hand where I need it.

Those of you who know my crafting set-up will remember that my Craft Closet is actually VERY small and I'll never have this amount of stuff out while scrapping. Now my trolley just stands beside my craft desk and all is well. When not in use, I stash it in a corner and no valuable space is wasted. 

I'm also adding stuff to my personal planner on a daily basis and all this comes from the trolley. YES, I wheel it to my office as well! You can read all about my different work spaces here.

That's it. Another project to make my 2015 better and more organized. Thanks for looking at my blog today. Please check back as I'll be here with lots more crafting FUN.

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