Friday, April 17, 2015

Design on Time - Sweet Potato, seeds and food magazine

Hallo Bloglanders and a happy Friday to you!!

Remember Last week's Design on Time for Amy Tan?? Well, if you thought that a funny combo - watch this week's video!! Sweet Potato, some sort of seeds (that I didn't have so I substituted it with poppy seeds) and something from a food magazine. You only get 15 minutes to do the layout!

Because of the time constraint, I just used the back of last week's layout. With the stitching already intact, I had texture that didn't cost me any seconds. If you missed it, here is last week's attempt where I did the stitching.

I couldn't think of ANYTHING to do with a sweet potato so I followed Amy and Jamie's example and stamped with it. As I knew it would take some time to dry, I stamped on some vellum heart die cuts and put them aside. The same with the seeds. I used some double sided adhesive foam and adhered the poppy seeds to one side. I didn't need to cut any of the hearts as I recycled them from my scrap stash. To save more time, I just stapled them onto my layout.

Here is a peek at my work in progress:

Once you stamp on the vellum with the acrylic paint it starts curling. I love the effect on my layout!

The story behind the journaling is that I try out a new recipe every month and as we try to cut down on carbs, a lot of it is reflected in what we eat / cook and bake. For my non South African Bloglanders KOS = FOOD. The vellum negative came from a previous layout. I just added it with the Silhouette registration marks and all - just positioned the hearts to cover the black lines and squares.

I just love these 15 minute layouts and  plan to use it to do a PL spread next week as I'm way behind schedule on that. Can't wait for the next video.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a Happy weekend and see you back in Blogland next week.

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