Sunday, August 2, 2015

Travel with your Crafts - Making Softies

Happy Sunday Bloglanders

I hope you are having a ball and that your weekend-dreams exceed your wildest expectations.  Currently, I'm making Softies. Never heard of them??  Check out my Pinterest board.

As I had to do a Craft Storage Ideas post about storing new trends, I thought I'd give this trend a go. And meet them - Maya the Bee and Flower Power. Initially I decided to make the bee for a garden loving friend but as she is more of a pink person, I decided to give the trend a second go with Flower Power.

I'll show you exactly what I did in another post but first I want to share how I travel with my crafts.  Wynand and I hop between our home in Stellenbosch and the winery on the West Coast quite regularly. Nothing better for me than sitting on our "stoep", drinking Sauvignon Blanc and CRAFTING.

Here is what I used:

A whole stack of old suitcases stacked in our entrance hall. The bottom one dated back to my first day of school, the bottom brown one is from my daughter-in-law's brother, then another brown one from Wynand's first years of school. On top you can see the bright, blue striped one that I retrieved from our attic recently. Pieter used it in pre-school more than 25 years ago!!

As I love to try out new things, I needed a space for non-permanent projects.  And this is IT!!

I decided to make a cover for the inside as I needed pockets for my tools. Step one: Cut pattern pieces using the suitcase as a template. Remember to add seam allowances!

I used fabric scraps (what did you  expect???) therefore my pockets and backing are different black tartans, leftover buttons and an old shirt from my mum for the flowery piping.

Stitch and it's done:

Even though it wasn't necessary, I wanted brightly colored bows to keep the cover in place. I've sewed them to the stitching that go all around the suitcase.

 And packed with all the tools and products needed to make gorgeous Softies:

I love the fact that everything is in one place and that I can just open up the suitcase and get going.

I hope you enjoyed my version of  "Travelling with my Crafts".  I'll be back with a "Try a Trend" post. Then, I'll share the info on making your own Softies.  In the meantime, I'm off to try my hand at a Butterfly. Check back and I'll share the inside info right here on Play as U Go. If you can't wait, check my Instagram feed and you will see as I go.

That's it - I've got a butterfly waiting to be made! Have a Happy week and thanks for looking at my blog today.

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