Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy SPRING!!

Hello Bloglanders

In Afrikaans SPRING means "jump" and today I feel like jumping - we are having a beautiful sunny day!! We had lunch outside and I even went outside with short sleeves to try and get a tan for the upcoming summer. Not very successful, but it was nice, warm and FUN.

I actually brought flower home decor to get you into the SPRING mood:

I recycled empty jars into vases, filled it with flowers and ivy from my garden and hung everything with wire hangers from Typo and some pretty, pink ribbon.

Done in minutes!! And so pretty. It's been hanging on my front door for the past 2 weeks and still looks brand, spanking new and fresh.

And now for the card I made for my niece. She is having a "farm" party and I decided to carry the theme through to my birthday wishes.

I used my Silhouette to die cut the shape, a bit of glue and it was done. Now for the surprise:

I love cards that are mini gifts.  This one has some die cut animal shapes in a bag that I've sewn to the inside of the card.  I used an animal die and some self adhesive craft foam. Now my little niece can use the animals to decorate her party bags, put them on cards or give away as is.  I also did an additional die cut of the card and will include that in my package. She can then make a card to give to her horse riding teacher as a gift. Perfect gift to keep an 8-year-old interested and busy!

I'm submitting my project to the SimonSaysStamp Wednesday challenge "Anything Goes". It is a GREAT project and I even made a video showing my results.  I'll offload it this evening and include the ink for you to see. Check back and all will be revealed. My very, very first video!! I told you - Spring is for new beginnings!!

That's it. Thanks for visiting. Have a ball and SPRING!!!

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