Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bracelet Revamp

Good morning Bloglanders

Today I'm here to share my bracelet revamp.  Wynand and I went camping over the weekend ...............

Totally awesome!! Lots of time to read, sleep, eat, hike and think creative thoughts.  As as always, I packed something to do. This time I took a cheap bracelet and decided to give it a new lease on life. Here is my "before" pic:

An my equipment:

Now - I'm NOT a "beader" but I went through my sewing stash and got a whole lot of usable left-overs. Also, the tools are the standard ones that I keep to bend and cut whenever needed. Everything went into an VERY old Tupperware holder. Yes, my son actually used this in pre-school and he's 28 years old!! I just gave it a good wash in my dishwasher and it looks brand, spanking new.

The strawberries and Pomegranate mocktail is just part of my summer repertoire - you will meet them again in my pictures.

Back to my bracelet. I just cut the elastic on the original bracelet and threaded everything I wanted into a new one. Done!!

And a close-up:

Now my bracelet is much bulkier and I love the silver with pops of pinkish red beads. Much more my style! Best part is that it didn't cost me anything.

Well, I'm  off to do some much needed sewing. As you can see from my pictures, it's spring down under in Sunny SA and I need some spring / summer clothes. I went through my Pinterest pins (under Prinses and Clothes)  and made a moodboard of what I think would fit / look good on me. Want a peek?

I'm starting off with the top left one. There is still black fabric in my stash from the 8 x bridesmaid dresses I made for my son's wedding - will be perfect!! Remember the wedding????

What a wonderful day!

That's it!! I'll be back to share my progress. In the meantime, have fun and thanks for looking at Play as U GO.

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