Thursday, June 2, 2016

Going, going GONE!!

Hello Bloglanders

No, I'm not letting go of my little blog - I'm just officially letting you know that I LOVE to travel and plan to do so whenever the opportunity arises. For years my boys came first but now that they have lives of their own, I'm off to GO, SEE, DO.

For the past week I joined Wynand on a business trip to Upington. We extended our stay to visit 2 of South Africa's national parks - The Augrabies Falls and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. I'm on a quest to visit ALL the South African National Parks - have a look - we have a LOT!!

Let me show you the Project Life pages I made while there.

Augrabies Falls:

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park:

I only used my iPhone (Project Life LetterGlow and PhotoGrid Apps). What I love about this method of memory keeping is that it's simple, LOTS of pictures and my story is being told while I'm still there to enjoy the moment.

When I have time, I'll still do layouts and "embellishment scrapping" but with my lifestyle getting busier and storage space less, I plan to keep doing a lot of digital memory keeping. I keep reminding myself that this is MY LIFE, MY STORY and I can tell it whatever way I choose.

That being said, I'll be using above pictures in my Travel Journal as well but this one will get more handwritten detail.  I'll also include tags in both above layouts to tell it all. While at the parks, I gathered some brochures and maps and this will probably go towards a "mini" book that will go into my PL album. Like the one I did here.

And a peek for the lazy / busy ones:

If you missed out on my post about doing Project Life on my iPhone. Get it here.

Sunny South Africa is heading towards winter which means that our light quality is less. My photo taking skills is totally zero and therefore, I wait untill the natural light is better to take pictures (on my phone, of course!!) First in line on my photo taking list is my totally awesome picnic basket.  I can't wait to show you!! I couldn't find anything to fit my needs and decided to make my own. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!

I'll be back to show what happens in my life and on my craft table. In the meantime, have FUN and remember to try something new - TODAY.

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