Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shaker Box

Hello Bloglanders

Today I brought a FUN project to share. Don't you just love shaker boxes?? Well, once a year my whole family gathers at the beach house to spend some time together.  As both my brother and sister have children much younger than my own, we try to do projects that keep them (and US!!) busy.

And this is one of them:

I've taken a picture of my sister's son, Jandre, writing his name in the sand and used it as backing for my shaker box. Next activity - gather some small shells, sand, etc. and add to your box.

This one is mine but each of the children made their own. We added magnetic strips to the back and now it's proudly displayed on my fridge. Every time I look at it, I think about the good times we had gathering memories.

And this is how you can create your own holiday memory box:

1. Cut your backing. I've used a photo.
2. Glue a frame on top. Either use craft foam, Twin Stick or chipboard.  I actually used an off cut from "MY architect's" model building days. It's sort of a plastic, foamy board and I cut it with my craft knife.
3, Add sprinkles. The sky's the limit!!
4, Transparency. I recycled packaging material.
5. A frame to finish off your display.

If you want a fridge magnet like mine, add magnetic strips to the back. Once again, I recycled some - you know the ones that the estate agents drop in your mailbox on a weekly basis?? Well, they have been recycled. I've used Tombow glue but have tried it with my glue gun and it works just as well.

My parents are visiting - I have to go and spend time with them. Thanks for visiting my blog today and please check back as I've got lots more to share right here.

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