Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Make a List

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you are having a Wonderful Wednesday!!  Every year during September the whole Blogland goes into "list mode".  What a GREAT idea to say something in a quick and easy way! BUT, it's totally too boring for me to commit to keep up for a whole month - IMPERFECT ME.

I've done "Learn Something New Every Day" a few years before and it just didn't work for me.  However, I did finish the project and have a mini book to show:

Now you probably think I don't do lists - SO WRONG!!! I choose my own topics and do them whenever I want to. And my inspiration?? Pinterest, reading lists from other Bloglanders ...................... there's list everywhere.  And this is what my list book looks like:

I bought it from Monika's Etsy shop back in 2012 and since then I've been adding lists to it.  Here you can see a 2014 list next to a 2012 one:

And another golden oldie - "words I live by". You can see that I'm still adding to this list  as I go:

If you want to see more of my lists, just click here and here. I can't seem to find my "Learn Something New Every Day" mini book on my blog - I'll cover that in a later post because it's a true labor of love and a total once off.

Of course I've customized my book.  The front and back covers were blank when I bought it but in a jiffy I converted it to my own personality and style.

Everything that I've used, came from my "goodie box".  I keep all the freebies that I receive, bits and bobs left over from other projects and embellishments gathered in my non-crafty life here.

I'll be adding some journaling to my cover pages soon - we will revisit the List mini book then. Keep checking back and all will be revealed. In the meantime: I love these list ideas, my friend Monika has a whole list board on Pinterest and then there is kiki K.

See, no commitment needed.  I'll be back with some more crafting fun from the Play as U Go playroom. Thanks for joining me today in my quest for easy list making.

Have fun and remember to try something new - TODAY!!

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