Monday, December 1, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 48

Good morning Bloglanders

Another week done and dusted!!  Hamman HQ is still struggling to get our home reno sorted and hopefully we will get everything done before the December holidays.  I'm making two bridesmaid dresses for our princess and her friend Rene.

Here is the one I'm doing for Rene:

And the inspiration for the one I'm doing for our Princess:

My mum sent me her dressmaking dummy, my metric farewell and wedding dresses. While everything was out, I dressed up my dummies.

I still love both these dresses and my mum did an excellent job making them.

Once again I wrapped my Xmas pressie for a cat at the local animal shelter:

I'm still thinking about adding stamped / die cut cats. What do you think?  We are having beautiful summery weather down under in Sunny SA. I loved this picture with the sun spots. And while at it, I took one of the vines on my porch:

On that sunny note - thanks for looking at my Blog. Have fun and remember to try something new - TODAY!!!

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