Monday, December 8, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 49

Good morning Blogland

It's beautiful, sunny, summery weather down under in Sunny SA and we spend most of our time outside in the pool or having a "braai" under our vine pergola.

But, I do have a job to do and some crafting to enjoy. SO, first up. Our Princess's father remarried yesterday and it was a beautiful day, ceremony and reception. And a peek:

As they have everything they need, I decided to opt for a personal letter and some "couples spa vouchers".  I'm sure when they return from their month long honeymoon abroad, a bit of pampering will be just the thing they need to kick off 2015.

This is how I wrapped my "pressie":

Some craft paper, a bit of left over tulle from a wedding dress, ribbon, copper shimmer twine and a fake vintage button.

And my "mood board" of the wedding:

And I did a LOT of sewing this past week - for our Princess's best friend, Tanya's wedding - 2 X Bridesmaid dresses:

And for our beautiful Princess for her father's wedding (it's her brother with her in the pic):

I made this dress exactly like her 8X bridesmaid dresses.  Just without sleeves.

LINK (Pic by Moira West Photograph)

I suppose you think I never sew for myself as I never show these projects but I DO - A LOT!! And I decided to give you a sneak peek into the clothes I made to wear to the Princess's father's wedding.

Now for a non-sweing idea. A wonderful idea that I found at our local Christmas market. It's called "House on the Hill" and you can buy them assembled as key holders, loose to colour yourself or as fridge magnets.  I couldn't resist buying some for Wernich's nearly finished flat.  Perfect for an architect!!!

I think I'll try my hand at making some of my own in 2015, In the meantime, I'll have fun enjoying somebody else's creativity.

As you can see, it's VERY busy at HQ Hamman but we still have time to enjoy our home, garden and family.  Thanks for looking at my blog today. I'm off to do some more sewing and I think I'll resume my project of doing at least 20 handmade Christmas ornaments. Currently I've only done angels and stars. Keep checking back and I'll show as I go.

Have a GREAT week and remember to try something new - TODAY!!

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