Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thank you pressies

Good day Blogland

For all to those sending emails and comments - thanks a lot. Mum went home to the family farm yesterday where she will have friends, family and all her cherished things around 24/7.  I will keep you updated.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving - I brought my thank-you-gifts to show. What could be more awesome than a"Mason" Jar?  A Mini "Mason" Jar!!

YES!!! Even though the past few weeks have been more than hectic - I did my yearly "thing" with the apricots even though I think Wynand made more batches than me this time round. As I had a BIG thank-you list this year, I decided to gift mini jars of apricot jam.

Here you can see a big jar next to a mini one:

The little one holds 250ml (1cup) and it's the perfect pressie size.  Consol is our South African glass supplier and maybe the rest of Blogland have been using this size forever but I've never seen them on our shelves. We have a Consol factory shop in Stellenbosch and I just LOVE all their glass bottles, jars and even decorative pieces. What a treat!

There you have it - my mini "Mason" jar thank-you-gifts. Get out your jars and start giving. You can still make it in time for Thanksgiving and for Christmas, you have more than enough time to bottle some "thanks" / love / care.

I'm off to run some errands and get my office admin sorted. Thanks for visiting my blog today and remember to try something new - TODAY!


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