Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 45

Good morning Bloglanders

YES, I know it's Wednesday and I know I've skipped my SS Week 44 BUT my mum was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago and is starting chemo and radiation next week.  It seems that my life is on a roller coaster ride.  But, I still want to record what happens SO, here we go with Week 45.

Finally, my garden bench is back in the garden:

My "blind side son" is now officially a Masters degree (in Architecture) graduate!! Here he is celebrating with his classmates:

He is the one on the right. I can't wait for Saturday when he will be home.  It would be SO nice having both my boys nearby. Even though I do "keep my distance" - I just LOVE having them nearby. They are totally best, best friends and I love seeing and hearing them interact and doing "young man stuff" together.

And Wynand sold his Harley!!! He is a BIG biker but i'm not that keen but after his back operation earlier this year, he started riding less and less. So, last weekend Bob got a new owner.

Here we are:

I think this was the ONLY time I rode with him!!! SO glad I take pictures and keep memories alive.

And I had to give a few 'thank-you pressies":

I used scraps to die cut and decorate them.

And last but not least - I finished a layout in my album:

It still lacks a title but for now I'm pleased with my effort.

My aunt has been visiting and will return home tomorrow. THEN I'll start on a new venture - I'll make 30 Christmas ornaments in 30 days.  Wanna join in the fun??  Just check back here tomorrow.  I'll be showing my inspiration and then I'll share my take on it.  AND ............................ I'll be making everything X2 as my oldest friend has a BIG birthday in December and I'll be gifting her with a set.

Thanks for looking at my blog today ........................ I'll be back tomorrow to share my first ornament. I'm off to find some inspiration and to try my hand at something NEW.

Have fun today and see you soon.

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