Monday, June 17, 2013

Hertzoggies - that's cookies!

Hi there Bloglanders

I joined Wynand on a road trip over the weekend to Port Elizabeth. That's about 750 kilometres north from Stellenbosch along the East Coast. Lucky for us, it's a long weekend in Sunny SA so we only returned today. I took this picture with my iPhone to show you what a typical winter day in Sunny SA looks like.

I'm actually wearing a summer shirt today - 27 degrees Celsius!

And then I baked my fave cookies. Hertzoggies!  They are very traditional in SA - named after a former president  as they were his favorites as well. I'll translate my recipe some time and you can try it yourself. The pastry is light and flaky and the top is a meringue and coconut mix.  This is what the ones looked like that I gave away:

I used an old book page, folded it over the cellophane bag where I sewed it shut, added a die cut scalloped circle and heart and it was ready for delivery. The Princess is wheat intolerant so I adapted my recipe to bake a wheat free version for her.  I must admit, they are wonderful as the crust was made with a combo of potato, pea and rice flour - extra short. And this is what they looked like ready to be picked up.

Normally I would bake dozens of these over the Christmas holidays as they just look Christmassy to me BUT there is no rule that says they can't be baked in between. The whole family loves them and I love the idea that there are freshly baked cookies in my tins.

That's it.  I'm off to do some more prep for our upcoming holiday. Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog. If you want the recipe urgently, let me know in the comments and I'll hurry up my translation. Otherwise, please check back because it will be coming soon.


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