Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Craft Closet - DIY Peg / Magnetic Boards

Good Morning Bloglanders

As promised - another Craft Closet post!!  Today I'm sharing how I did the "Pegboards" on the wall behind my sewing machines.  I always love having pictures of my loves ones around and if I don't contain them to certain spaces, they take over my life.

This is what they look like:

Two are magnetic and two just for pins.  I love putting up these magnetic Making Memories tins - they are an awesome way to store smalls.  I even put the little bobbins from my sewing machine onto the magnetic board when I have them out.

This is what I did:

1. Ordinary Styrofoam sheet that I got from Builders Express - huge sheet and cheap, cheap! Cut it so size by warming a knife on your stove - it just cuts through it like a warm knife through butter. Remember, I showed you the same trick on how to make holes in Styrofoam balls? Click here if you missed that one.
2.  For the magnetic boards, I added A4, self adhesive magnetic sheets. Just cut and paste until you have filled your surface. You can cut with ordinary scissors (I used my paper cutter).
3. Put some carpet tape on the back. I just love this stuff.  It sticks and sticks and STICKS!!
4. Cut a piece of fabric bigger than your Styrofoam and just fold back onto the sticky carpet tape.

Ta da!!

For the non-magnetic board, you just omit the magnetic sheet in step 2.

My boards don't even have hooks on the back - I just used some more carpet tape to stick them to the wall.

That's it - another peek into my Craft Closet. I'm off to get some housework done. Have a Terrific Tuesday and thanks for visiting my blog today. Please come back to play.

PS. If you have missed the rest of my Craft Closet posts, just click on the small button on top of my page and you will be redirected. Otherwise, just click here.

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