Monday, June 3, 2013

The Craft Closet - Mood / Inspiration Board

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you had a fab weekend - it is always good to have some extra time to catch up with family, friends and your own stuff, isn't it?  I didn't do much as it was super cold and rainy in Stellenbosch. Most of my time was spent in front of the TV under my favorite quilt. I also did a lot of planning for our upcoming camping trip. One thing about camping - it is a LOT of work before you go and a LOT more when you return. Well, Wynand enjoys it and once you get going it's super fun.

Today I wanted to share my Craft Closet Mood / Inspiration Board.  I love Pinterest but nothing beats a real sample. So, whenever I got to craft fairs or markets, I  collect inspiration - projects that I still want to do or some only to admire the creativity of others.  All this goes onto my board.

My board is actually a garden trellis (Yes!! recycled from my garden) that I painted with a sample pot of blue paint.  This is what it looks like:

I use ordinary clothes pegs and hooks to put my stuff up and once a year I take everything off and sort what I still need / want and file / throw the rest away.  As my craft space is super small and I have two double glass doors in it, I don't have a lot of wall space. I also didn't want to clutter the rest of my space with stuff standing around. This is the perfect solution as everything is contained to a specific space and I can see it all the time.  What is the sense of an inspiration board if it doesn't inspire you??

Best of all - whenever I do a craft show, I just take everything off, use the trellis in my display and afterwards    everything gets sorted and up it goes again - I don't have space to do doubles anywhere.

Well, that's it. I'm off to get some office work done but will be back with some crafting fun right here on Play as U Go. Have a Marvellous Monday and thanks for visiting my blog.
PS. If you missed the rest of my Craft Closet posts, just click on the little button on top of my page to be redirected to a summary of everything that has been posted.

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