Monday, August 25, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 34

Hello Bloglanders

This past week was WEDDING, WEDDING, WEDDING!! ....................... Finally. And everything was fabulous.  I will put up more pictures once I get the ones Moira West took.  Keep checking back and all will be revealed.  I also plan to do a post (and pic's) of the venue later this week.

Without further ado .............................. meet Mr & Mrs Hamman II:

A peek at the venue:

The flowers:

One of the 8 bridesmaid dresses that I made:

The napkins that I did (X 100!!)

What a GREAT idea. Customized (with Vinyl) chairs  for the bride and groom:

And now for the top wedding idea!! All the bridesmaids and groomsmen contributed to get a photo booth for the wedding. It was open all night and anyone could pose and have their pictures taken.  They printed two  pictures of each pose - one you could keep and the second went into an album where you had to write a personal message to the bride and groom.

Bride and Groom being silly at the photo booth:

There you have it!! It was perfect!!

Thanks for looking. Have a wonderful week and I'll be back with some more crafting fun so, keep checking back.


  1. Looks amazing! Can't wait to see rest of pics. Enjoy your well deserved rest x

  2. Oh wow, what an absolute awesome Mom | MIL you are! I love the designs...the dress, the napkins and the chairs. So lovely, Hazel. And what a gorgeous couple of loves they make!