Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Summary Week 35

Hello Bloglanders

It's still hectic @ HQ Hamman.  I have returned all the hired items from the wedding, collected all that was mine, delivered all that was not and started making lists for next week. My Project Life is SO behind schedule but I'm just going to skip July and continue with August ASAP. Talking about August - it has been a weird month and I'm planning to do a layout about it right now. Tell you more about it once it's done.

Back to the wedding. Ever thought of putting a "cut your own lemons station" at the bar??? My daughter in law thought about EVERYTHING!! While I have this pic up, note that ALL the flowers were in different containers. The one with the gold glitter is a recycled jar zussed up with podge, glitter and some clever thinking by the Princess.

I've been asked by friends to do 3 matric farewell dresses for their beautiful daughters.  Two have been cut, the thread on my sewing machines changed and I'll start first thing tomorrow morning. Want to see the inspiration?

I will keep you updated on my progress.Know you don't like my sewing projects but it is such a big part of my life that you will just have to bear with me.

At the beginning of 2014 I decided to write down 50 facts about myself.  The idea came from a mini book that Monika Wright did but as I try to incorporate everything in my PL album, I ended up using 6x4 journaling cards and adding it to my 2014 album. I've got it done and filed and plan to pretty it up when I've got time.

Right now I'm pleased with my progress and plan to do  another project - "My Life in 50 Pics" . I've chosen 50 pictures and will be journaling about what I can remember of each event. The pictures have been sorted - I'll have them printed this week and you will soon have a progress report. Once again, it will be part of my PL album.

I've also registered for this class. I love Big Picture Classes and love, love, love Wilna Fursterberg. Special belated birthday pressy to myself. Once we start,  you will hear more about it right here.

And I had a few days at my fave place in the world - the beach house @ the West Coast.  It is beautiful year to see wildflowers and even our backyard has it's share. Here you can see a layout I did on the flowers of Namakwaland.

And I needed another pressie!! Fortunately I did cut some extra "cake boxes" and filed them away flat to be folded as required.

I'll tell you more about this one later this week and show what's inside. Just keep checking back and all will be revealed.

That's it. Another wonderful week. Thanks for visiting my blog today and remember to try something new - TODAY!!

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