Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Summery Week 20

Happy Sunday Bolglanders

Can you believe we are nearly halfway through 2015?? I still have so much to do!!

We had a busy week @ Hamman HQ. The office is busy, Wynand is busy and I'm trying my hand at a LOT of new things. Let's start with the food.  For Mother's day our Princess gifted me with Cafe de Paris butter:

It is truly GREAT and I have thought of eating it all on it's own ........................... yes!! I did. In the meantime I've used it in pasta, on fish and even with barbecue steak. Here is my Princess Pasta:

Homemade pasta with cream, Princess butter,chili compote and Parmesan. Wonderful ....................I loved it and had the whole bowl in one go.

And a new addition to our family - Wednesday. She is Pieter and his Princess's new kitten. She came from an animal shelter but in no time she will become a big, fluffy and much loved kitty. We love cats!

And I did a lot of crafting over the weekend. Finally, I've caught up with my Project Life pages. I finished this one late last night:

I love LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of pictures. For this layout I used 6x4 picture collages of our pets, food and Pieter's new flat. The only thing on the whole spread that didn't come from my "leftover" stash is the heart filler card. The rest was all hand / home made.

My inspiration came for PaperCrafter'sCorner Magazine Monday. And here it is:

I took the "fruity" colours and the circles to use on my layout. And as I said - everything came from scraps.

On that fruity, pink note - here is my homemade marshmallows. YUM!! You will see them again as I'm planning to make them for a upcoming barbecue party. Of course, I'll dress them up for the occasion but you will have to check back to see how it turned out. Or follow me on Instagram.

And Wernich had a weekend away with friends and caught a big fish!

Looks like I'll be needing some more Princess Butter.

That's it from me. Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for looking at my blog today.