Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Planner Page with Design on Time

Hello Bloglanders

Happy Wednesday to you all!! Today I'm sharing the latest Design on Time project - washi, post it note and magazine.  While I was watching the video, I had my planner open to jot down the "ingredients" and it just evolved into a Planner Page.

As you can see, I'm still into fruity colours.  I love the pineapple post it note (behind the photo) and took it as the inspiration for my page.  As it was one of my New Year's resolutions not to buy magazines, I opted for "this is the year" from Pinterest.

"This is the year" is a divider page and I move it around as needed. A good idea is to use two strips of washi back to back. That way you get the washi effect but it doesn't stick to your page.

The divider page even has a pocket - perfect for hidden journaling (and a movie stub). Beneath it all is a lot of "to do's", appointments and journaling.

Here you can see what's beneath the post it note.

And the page to the left of the divider:

I love it when my planner looks like me - dreamy, wild and a once-off!!

That's it. This project only took 10 minutes as the only things I added were the divider page, post it note and photo. I can't wait for the next Design on Time challenge.

Something else:  For those of you who love to sort your stash, I'm over at the Craft storage Ideas blog with a post called "Locker Love".  I did have a hidden agenda when I wrote the post - D R U M R O L L !!!!!!!! I'll be moving my whole fabric stash into lockers. YES, we have some empty storage space and it would look SO pretty and neat if I can fill it up with lockers. You will be the first to see ........................ of course!! And here is an appetizer of my CSi post and also my FAVE idea.

Thanks for looking at my blog today. I'll be back with a mini book for Magazine Monday later this week. Check back and all will be revealed.

PS. The post it note, mini alpha stamp set,fruit stickers and pineapple embellishment is from Typo.

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