Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Girlie pressies

OK, so my houses are not finished yet BUT I'm sorting out my scrap space and as I have a lot of offcuts, I decided to make little mixed media books.  In the pictures you can see the ones I made for my friends' darling daughters.  I included a lot of cut outs for them to use while crafting at the sleepover as well as later at home. My son is all grown up and I don't have girls so I love to borrow someone else's children. (hopefully they like to be borrowed!)

Currently I have a whole stack of citrus coloured paper that's going to become the next batch of stocking fillers.  My aim is to make one present a month. Then, come Christmas or birthdays, I'll have enough stock to use. My husband has his own business and I'm cutting up all the blank pieces for pages.  I used to hate shredding all the confidential stuff but since I've been doing this, the pile is about a third of what it used to be. Saving and recycling!

Actually, I should be sewing as I promised myself  that I'll give my house a makeover but it is very, very hot in Stellenbosch (at least 45 degrees Celsius!) and I just can't get myself to start on the blind for my bedroom. Therefor I decided to start with a smaller project - the mini books. Hopefully it will be cooler tomorrow and I'll get sewing.

In 2012 I'm trying to get at least one thing done for my house every month, one thing for myself and one thing for someone else. Every Sunday I make a list of what I aim to get done the following week. Come next Sunday I write down what I actually did in each of these categories and plan the next week's. So far so good. This is why I started to do this blog - at least I can hold myself accountable while I'm playing.

Love and LOTS of sunshine from South Africa.

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