Sunday, January 29, 2012

My systems

I’m back!  We had a very nice trip and it wasn’t as warm as expected this time of year in Namakwaland.

As promised, I will explain my memory keeping systems to you. Today I want to show you what my 2011 Junk folder looked like. First, I have to explain why anyone in her right mind would need a junk folder.  To tell you the truth, I love to keep my memories alive but I’m not a big photographer. The effort of taking a camera everywhere with you and expecting everyone to pose for photos all the time is just unnatural to me. Maybe its because I hate my picture being taken.  Even my blog pictures are not very good because this is the part that I hate.  The ultimate for me will be a cell phone with a reasonably good camera that will be with me when I really want to capture something. I also feel that if I can get hold of a brochure or some other memory that reminds me of an experience, it is easier (and cheaper) for me. Most of the time brochure pictures are taken professionally and include beautiful pictures as well as a story.

The problem is that I end up with a lot of junk on my desk that turns into extraordinary layouts or memories once I do the journaling.  Therefore, to keep my desk clean, I decided in 2011 to do a Junk journal. I had to make folders to keep a friend’s girls busy and did an example for myself which I then used.  First of all I laminated the front and back pages as I used very old scrapping paper (not even double sided) and it wasn’t as sturdy as required.  It is kept together by binder rings and divided into months with shop bought dividers.  I also included the year's gift tags, birthday cards and notes  as well as pictures where I remembered to take them. (and had my camera with me) Easy peezy and I love the mixed media look.

The album is 6x9 and the size was determined by the size of the dividers. At the end of the year, the only thing I had to do is put it in my 2011 Memory box. Since then I have taken it out a lot as the added benefit of keeping brochures, is that I have contact details of places we've been on hand whenever someone asks for it.

Love and sunshine from sunny South Africa

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