Monday, January 23, 2012


The previous weekend I went away and found these little wire clips in a very small shop called "Willa se winkel" (this is Afrikaans for Willa's shop). As my December Daily is not nearly finished, I immediately bought a set of each to use.  OK, all the journaling has been done and the pictures printed but I can't decide if it should be bound by rings or my Zutter. So, until I decide everything is securely packed in a basket.  I promise I will decide before the following DD.  This was part of my 2012 resolutions - rather enjoy the journey and stop fussing about getting it done at all cost.
These were made by Eco Africa. The paper is hand crafted by communities of Zimbabwe from fiber of indigenous en replenishable plants that grow free and wild around their villages. For the embellishments they use paper, wire or other recycled elements. Through this project mainly underprivileged women and their families are helped.

I used one in a layout I made in 1994 for my son's Christmas album. The rest I saved for my DD.

I'm still struggling with the links but I found the Eco Africa story at

Yes, I googled the linking thing and got hold of a website for dummies but since then I lost the link again and this dummy still can't do it.

Well, today it rained so,

Love and rain from sunny South Africa


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    1. Thank you so much. I'm very near to giving up!! Its much more difficult than I thought it would be and it takes lots of time. Also, things that I thought would be interesting, suddenly seems so bland.