Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seeing is believing!

Can you believe it!! My son got Maukie the virtual cat onto my blog but I did "I love it all" and "WCS" all by myself.  I'm going to find some more sites that I love before I forget how to do it. I also figured out how to move Maukie to the top as I totally adore him. Some other day I will write a post about my 18 year old cat, Tossel. A "tossel" is Afrikaans for a pompom and she used to play with one when she was little. She actually is our very first cat and we still have her. I feel truly blessed.

That done, tomorrow I'm going to start on little fabric houses that I want to sell in my etsy shop (whenever I get that figured out).  I have to start with them as I want to use a picture in my blog header. That's me - I don't start with the easy things. I want to do it all. Hopefully I will have house #1 to show tomorrow. I also have to start working again after our summer holidays so tomorrow will be hectic.

Love and sunshine from South Africa.


  1. Hi Hazel!

    That cat is ADORABLE ;-)

    Greetings from Chicago~

  2. I can't believe that someone actually found me (and Maukie!). Now I will have to pull myself together and get some creative stuff onto my blog. Thanks for looking.

  3. Good luck with the blog darling neighbour...may you have lots of fun as u play! PS Love Maukie