Friday, March 30, 2012

And I Quote.

Good morning Bloglanders

In a few hours time it will be weekend. Jippee! More time to spend on things I love.  In South Africa we had our first winter rain - I just love winter. Hearty meals, hot chocolate, warm socks, jerseys,  boots and time to spend indoors on creative stuff. Maybe I'll finally get something in my Etsy shop! Watch this space.

I love thinking up new projects but found that I'm not good at keeping them up. It's not that I give up - no, no, no - I do keep up until the bitter end but it gets to be a chore and I stop enjoying long before I finish. That's why I dream of doing a year in review project but I'm too scared to start. Even my December Daily is in a plastic container all sorted but I can't decide what to do with it - too much pressure from myself.

How did I find this out? By doing a project that stretched over a month.  I just love quotes (anything, from anyone, it just have to speak to me). I decided to do a quote a day and adapt it to fit my life.  This is what the finished book looked like:

I love looking at it as this means that I can keep up for 31 days.  But this is what I will remember for the rest of my life about the project:

You see - I don't have to keep up!  The priority is to ENJOY what I do.

Have a great weekend!

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