Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Productive weekend

Hi there Bloglanders

I'm so sorry for not coming back to play last week.  My husband had to go away on business and I decided to leave my old cat and old children to fend for themselves at home and join him.  The problem is that  I'm still snowed under at work and my craft admin is also getting the better of me.  I came up with the perfect solution!

As the West Coast seaside resort where my hubby had to work, doesn't even have a cafe and I knew I would spend at least eight hours a day alone, I packed a stack of work (unopened mail to sort), a stack of scraps to cut into usable items, my Cuttlebug, 8 dies, food and lots of wine.Who would miss out on an opportunity to spend time at a place like this?

First I tackled the work and opened and sorted everything ready to be filed on Monday. Of course I had a stack of paper and envelopes left from the mail and as I don't think Strandfontein knows what recycling is, I cut all the scraps into mini book page sizes and also kept stamps and the see through parts of the envelopes.



Now for the fun part.  I decided to make mini heart books, tags and "toys" to include as free gifts when I sell my goodies at craft fairs / my Etsy shop. (Coming SOON!) 

Before:                                               After:

Then I played a bit by doing a few pages for a mini book that I've been planning for some time - "Things that I love".  Look at the one with the "I love Sweet Peas". It is a window from one of the business envelopes. I just glued it down and inserted a tag that pulls out.  I love it!  Also, the page that says "I love Stellenbosch" - I used a postage stamp and just underlined the "Stellenbosch" in red.

All this stuff fitted into one box folder except my Cuttlebug which I packed with my clothes. I took me less than 5 hours to do everything - leaving me with enough time to sleep, read, walk, sit on the patio and drink lots of Sauvignon Blanc. Once I have constructed my "I love" mini book, I will post some pics for you to see.

Once again, I'm entering The Play Date Cafe's challenge (I love to play!)  You can see what the colours are if you click here. And here is my card - I think I will turn it into a father's day card!

I've also started on my Easter decor. Please come back to play as I'll be sharing my ideas with you. Have a great week and remember to Play as U go!

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  1. Wow! Love what you did with all your scraps and toys! Look forward to seeing the end result :) Glad you had such a nice time at the beach <3