Monday, March 12, 2012

Everything in it's place

Hi there Bloglanders

I hope you had a fab weekend!  My week will be busy with lots to do for work, house, family (and playing with my toys).  Today I'm sharing a way to "file" all those bits and pieces that you want to keep (for yourself or your children) but you don't want a lot of boxes gathering dust in the garage.

I had a real struggle last year to get a system in place for all my scrapping, junk, mementos, diary, "record the year" and mini projects. In the end I came to the conclusion that less is more. Otherwise, I can't decide, is it a "date night" or a "December daily" or one for the main album.  Now it works like this - everything is for the main album as this is where my friends and  family go to see what's happening in my life.  The rest goes into an A5 Junk file sorted into months.

This doesn't mean I'm stopping to do mini's or cards - NO WAY!  But, the album is priority and from there I do the mini's to commemorate something special.

When I had to file the junk away that came from my mum moving house, I came upon a stack of old love letters which I wanted to include in my university album.  I made a huge, red envelope and filed them away with the pictures and stories that go with it.  (I even made the string clasp myself!)

The album I used, is by Creative Memories and I had to adapt my envelope to fit their hinged pages. For that I kept the left side of the envelope open and glued it to an album page.

As easy as that.

Hope I have given you a new idea.  Have a great Monday.

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