Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Princess pressie

Hi there Bloglanders
 Last week my son’s girlfriend, the Princess turned 24 and as usual she celebrated in style.  She had a “cat party” (lucky for us not a cat fight!) and I had to make cat ears for her to wear. Here is a pic of kitty Zahni all dressed up and ready to party. 

Of course we did some pressies for her.  I normally give money to both the "daughter-in-laws" and as it will be girlfriend #2’s birthday at the beginning of April, I did everything X2.  Craft envelopes zussed up with a few of “my toys”.  Easy as that.

For my son it was not that easy as he had to buy a present fit for a princess.  Of course he brought it home to wrap and as I just received my beautiful stamps from Papertry inc I couldn’t resist – “some bunny loves you”, washi tape and my son was on his way.

Now for the story.  The princess bought 2 bunny’s in a pet shop and announced she will sell all future off springs.  First lot was sold ASAP, the second lot not that fast and eventually lot number 3 and 4 didn’t get sold at all.  A few rand (actually a lot of them) and lots and lots of logistics later and all the males we neutered. This happened about 5 years ago when the children were still at school but since then a few things changed and now the princess works full time, lives in a flat and I have 8 bunny’s!  I think “some bunny loves you” is a perfect fit, don’t  you?

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  1. It always ends up Mom takes care of the furry kids!