Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday card

Hi there Bloglanders

Once again, my card for the Play Date Cafe's color challenge.  These are the colors:

I would never use colors like these but everyone should at least try everything once. (tell that to my hubby and children when they decide not to eat something!) So, this is the story.

Every morning, for the past 20+ years I walk around the park in my neighborhood with a friend.  Our children used to go to school together many, many moons ago en this is when all this started. We would walk them to school and then walk back around the park to our homes.  Every morning my friend would pick up a feather. Yesterday I picked one up as well and then I remembered my grandfather saying "Tel op 'n veer, steek hom in jou hoed dan voel jy more weer goed". (this means something like "Pick up a feather, put it in your cap and tomorrow you will feel better"). Back home I wanted to do something with the feather to remind me of my grandfather and as I had the colours of the Play Date Cafe up on my notice board, the black and white fitted in so well with the scheme that I made this card:

I didn't add a sentiment to the card as I want to put my grandfather's little rhyme on there and turn it into a mini book where I can capture stories like these.

Hope you enjoyed our Playdate!  Remember, if things don't go your way today, "Pick up a feather, put it in your cap and tomorrow you will feel better".  See you tomorrow.

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