Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Prep 2012 - Wrap up

Good morning Bloglanders

I hope you are having a Thunderous Thursday.  I just can't get everything done!  We have beautiful weather and I spend my time outside with my family, in the pool or just reading in the shade. So, please be patient.

I did get something done yesterday - I wrapped a birthday pressie (actually 12 of them) and stumbled upon my 2012 Xmas wrapping idea in the process.

Here it is:

This is for my oldest friend.  I told you about her before but if you forgot - we were born in the same year, grew up on neighboring farms, went to school together, went to the same university and remained friends.  She loves crafts and I decided to gather some goodies and wrap them individually for her birthday next week.  At least her fun can last a bit longer.

I'll be seeing Anel next week and once I've delivered her pressie, I'll show what's inside. (Yes, she reads my blog). 

And my Xmas version of the same idea:

It's so easy and you don't even have to turn awkward shaped pressies into neat packages.  Just a tip: Fold your wrapping paper double over your present and cut about 1 inch bigger. Now stitch around keeping the folded side unstitched.  I added the white die cut heart and star and just stitched over them.  NOW: Cut open the folded side, slip in your pressie and stitch shut.  This way, everything stays nice and flat.

I used paper from our office for the die cuts and to print my messages.  Just use the unprinted spaces and you save on paper all the way!

Now I have to get back to wrapping the rest of my Xmas pressie stash.  Enjoy the rest of your day and please come back to play right here on Play as U Go.


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