Friday, December 14, 2012

December daily 2011

Hallo Bloglanders

Finally it's Friday! And NO!  I didn't get the December daily date wrong.  You remember that IMPERFECT ME use a tub system for mini books?  It works for me because whenever I have some free time, I just take out a finished tub and make the book.

This is what my December daily 2011 looks like at this stage:

Everything is in there - I just have to put it together - even the journaling has been done and the dates added.  This weekend I'll do the cover, some sort of binding (still not decided) and a few bits and bobs.  What I love about my system is that I get double fun out of every event.  I read through every page, look at every picture and smile all the way. 

While at it - let me show you what the little Christmas book (Kersfees in Afrikaans) looks like.  I include one in every DD or Xmas layout. 

In my Xmas mini books I record the food, table, presents, wreath and who joined in the fun. Everything in one place.

For my 2011 version I used 4 white envelopes, glued them shut, folded them double and stapled it together down the middle. In the bottom picture you can see that I cut out half a circle on top of one of the envelopes - this forms a pocket for some hidden journaling / souvenirs.  You can cut them open at the sides as well - perfect pockets!

And while all the goodies were out, I made 3 more to give away:

Want to know a secret?  I didn't even use new envelopes - old ones recycled from the office works fine - you just cover the writing / printing with some journaling / pictures or pretty paper. Frankly, I have covered the stamps in this case but I love the extra dimension it brings to a project and normally I would just leave them.  IMPERFECT ME!

That's it from me.  Please check back as I'll be sharing my finished DD right here on Play as U Go.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love how you're always thinking of ways to use what you have and end up with such delightful projects!