Friday, July 19, 2013

Trolley fun @ Craft Storage Ideas

Good morning Bloglanders

Just to let you know that I'm over at Craft Storage Ideas with my take on trolley fun.  Please hop over and leave me some comments.  I just love versatile furniture! Just click here to be redirected.

Not long ago, I converted crates to trolleys for my own Craft Closet.  Still remember that one?

If you missed it, just click here. On the top of my Blog is a link to all my Craft Closet posts.

Once again, my firm fave is Monika's tool chest trolleys but since I've submitted the post, I stumbled on this one (it rather stumbled on me!):

It is a picture from Blayne White's "My Digital Scraproom"and it is on the Craft Storage Ideas blog as well. Have a look here. Actually, it is a catering trolley and the perfect solution for my unfinished projects. You can slip the trays in and out as you work. Love, love, love the idea!!

That's it from me. I'm off to find a catering trolley!! Have a fab Friday and enjoy your weekend. Thanks for visiting my blog and please check back as I'll be sharing some more crafting fun right here.

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  1. Love the catering trolley! Hope you find one x