Monday, April 28, 2014

Having Fun!!

Hello Bloglanders

Once again, it's a long weekend down under in Sunny SA and I get to do things that I love - spend time with my family and doing some creative stuff.  Last night we had dinner at Big Easy in Stellenbosch.  It was wonderful. Stellenbosch is BEAUTIFUL this time of year and having both the boys and the girlfriends with us was SUPER wonderful.

With Wernich home from university I decided to bake some cookies:

Wernich and his girlfriend, Chandre have 4 X Dachshunds so it made sense to use THAT cookie cutter. Because the cookies are so small, they are extra crispy - just how we like them. Actually, I used dough that I had left over from a school project from Lulu, my Marelize girlfriend's DD. Want some inside info?

The project was about using dogs to fight crime. And this is what it looked like:
Their class is doing an expo and to attract visitors to their stalls, we made little Dachshund "party favors" to give away.  Here is the WIP:
You can see on their project that I used my Silhouette to cut all the headings for their poster.  A good idea is to keep your negative it you don't weld your title and trace it in pencil on the poster before you glue - much easier to do the spacing and it keeps it straight as well.

Good old Silhouette was also used to cut the little giveaway box - I will tell you more about that one later this week. Now, I'm off for a walk in the park.  Pieter's wedding is 16 weeks away - need the exercise, lose some weight and get going on the bridesmaid's dresses. There are 8 - all in black!!! Wish me luck and wave me goodbye. It's going to be a busy 16 weeks.

Thanks for looking at my blog today, if you are having a holiday today, ENJOY and if you don't, make sure you try something new and have some fun.


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