Monday, April 7, 2014

I can Sew!!

Good Monday Morning Bloglanders

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! I had a ball at the beach house.  Wynand worked on his wines and I sat in the sun, read, ate good food and drank lots of chilled white wine.  Love my life.

And my laptop joined in the fun as I downloaded my Silhouette upgrade on Friday morning and couldn't wait to give it a go. Can't say that it's as user friendly as the previous version but maybe I'm just new to the "cut by layer / colour" options.  I also miss my little scissors at the top - loved to have that feature on hand. Well, I made 3 x Afrikaans subway art prints to get the creative juices flowing and me into the new program.  I will show later - I still have to figure out the print options!!

Finally I got the pictures of the metric farewell dress that I made a few weeks ago for my friend Marelize's beautiful daughter, Cara.  I know you don't like sewing pics but I'm rather proud of my effort and of her looking so stunning. So, ................. drum roll ................................ CARA:

And 2 more:

Cara wanted a "nude embossed" look for her dress and as we couldn't find material that suited her sophisticated taste, I ended up using a nude backing fabric with white and cream lace on top. I must admit, I didn't like the fabric or the colour but the dress turned out a HUGE success, Cara looked stunning and thinks the dress is awesome. Mission accomplished!!

I'm back to doing what I do best - crafting.  There are a few projects on my table but I won't spoil the surprise. Just keep checking back and all will be revealed.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog today.


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