Thursday, April 10, 2014

Over at Craft Storage Ideas with ideas to sort your Project Life leftovers

Good morning Bloglanders

In anticipation of my post for Crafts Storage Ideas on how to sort your Project Life leftovers, I tried what I preached myself and here is a run-down of  how mine works.

You know we don't get nice goodies down under so I had to improvise.  Here is what I used:

YES!!! I kept my laundry detergent holders!! I like the colour, 6x4 fits perfectly into it AND it smells great!!

I sorted my leftovers between the boxes and used tabbed dividers to keep them apart. My categories are: (Basically sorted by size and then by colour within the category)

6x4 - Plain, Prints, other (this is vellum, transparency, wood veneer, etc), words /// 3x4 - Plain, Prints, other (this is vellum, transparency, wood veneer, etc), words /// 4x4 - Plain, Prints /// Stickers - Project Life, Other /// Journaling cards - 6x4 Portrait and Landscape  /// Journaling cards - 3x4  Portrait and Landscape /// Miscellaneous.

For the dividers I used cardstock (think I'll laminate them for more durability) and I've got die-cut tabs. Yes, I know I could have used my Silhouette to make beautiful ones BUT I had a stash cut from scraps and I'd rather use something I already have than spend more money and effort on making new ones.

Do you still remember that I showed you that all my kits goes into photo boxes and then in deep drawer storage containers that stack next to my desk. (here is the link if you missed out). And this is what it looks like:

Well, I could fit 7 of the green laundry detergent containers on top of the photo boxes. It is actually using the space above and fits snugly into the big plastic box.  What makes this perfect is that it is on the same level as my desk - if I need a 3x4 piece of pink cardstock, I can just reach out and get hold of it.

I did keep the kits that are unused / partly used together in their photo boxes - this "laundry" system is ONLY for my left overs.

Now that I have it sorted, I can see what I have and use it before buying some more goodies. I couldn't believe that 20 photo boxes full of bits and bobs sorted down to 7 laundry detergent holders and it isn't even half filled.

I'm so glad I've stumbled upon the inspirational posts and had a bit of free time to try it out. (I'll add the link once CSi's post is live)

Remember this is a sneak peak and the post over at Craft Storage Ideas will only be up tomorrow.  Now, make a note to visit Craft Storage Ideas and read all about my original inspiration. All the links are in my post.

Thanks for looking at my blog. Have a great day and see u tomorrow @ CSi!



  1. I love that you have used things you have to organize your supplies. I would probably buy that detergent just for the package.

  2. The detergent is actually very good!! And we now get them in 3 sizes!! How lucky can one get? I even use them to sort our spare change for parking money.