Monday, April 14, 2014

My Alternative Easter Decor

Hi there Bloglanders

Today I brought my Easter project to share with you  .................... SO not bunnies and hot cross buns!!

Remember my solar jars?? My friend, Marelize gave them to me for my birthday and I totally love, love, love them. So, I thought as we don't have children at home any more, I'll skip the Easter eggs and fill my solar jar with food for thought.

I used a cutting file from the Silhouette store.  You can make your own - it's quite easy but as the image was on special and I had some shop credit left, I splurged out and bought it. The three crosses are on a hill in the image which works very well. I've cut a cube of  florist foam with my kitchen knife, made a slit on top and slipped my cut-out in to keep it upright.  Then into the jar and covered it with moss.

The whole thing took less than 5 minutes and it's now hanging on my entrance gate. At night the solar light makes it look beautiful and authentic.  I'm not sure about my photo taking skills but I'll try to capture it for you. Watch this space.

If you haven't stocked up on Easter goodies yet, I recommend you consider my minimal approach. Use what you've got and just pretty it up with the goodies and tools you already have.

That's it. I'm off to do some living!! Tanks for looking at my blog today and please come back to play.


PS. Here is the image I've used:

Shape ID: 40446

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