Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Let the games begin!

Hello Bloglanders

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all!! We, down under in Sunny SA don't do many of the holidays but so what - let's join in a bit of the fun.

Last year I "pinterested" this game and bookmarked it for 2015. Here is my version:

I did NOT figure this out by myself!! The idea and even the down loadable clover came from Grandma Ideas. As I already have a travelling games tin, I decided to change the game rules, print my clover on cardstock and make the coloured discs with Silhouette printable magnet sheets. What's great is that that the magnets stick to the tin and nothing falls off.

My game works like this: Every player gets 10 coloured disks. Player 1 rolls 2 dices, add the scores (GREAT way to practice maths!!) and put his disc on the corresponding number on the clover. Then it's player 2's turn. Once a number has a disc on it, it can't get another one. Once all the numbers are covered with discs, the player with the most discs on the clover wins, And YES!!! My game is in Afrikaans.

I even printed little hearts for the original game that is on the lid of the tin:

And all the disks are kept in the lid of the tin:

That's it. I'm off to buy some Creamsoda for Saint Patrick's Day floats!! Watch my photostream on Instagram and see for it first!

Thanks for joining me today. Have a GREEN Wednesday and remember to try something new - TODAY!!

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