Monday, March 30, 2015

Sunday Summery Week ???

Hello Bloglanders

And I finally lost track of the weeks!! I think I skipped some Sunday Summaries as I went to see my mum for three consecutive weeks. If you keep in mind that she lives about 4 hours drive away from me, it's no wonder I lost a few weeks.

I received beautiful flowers.

And I cooked breakfast.

I call them oven omelets. Line a silicone muffin pan with thinly sliced ham. Add everything you like. Top with beaten eggs and seasoning. Bake until brown and puffy. Easy Peasy!!

Pieter and his Princess moved into their very first own home and I had to do the curtains - 45 metres of black velvet. I'm not saying anything else!! Lucky me - my neighbour's cat is keeping me company.

 As we stayed at the beach house while visiting my mum and had wonderful evenings on the "stoep" (=porch) with beautiful scenery, cold West Coast Sauvignon Blanc and a braai. (=barbeque)

The sea, the moon - I just love this picture!!

I'm a HUGE fan of Wilna Fursternberg. Last week she did her first art journaling page - YES, her first ever!! She is a wonderful artist and as I had some time on hand, I decided to join in the fun. Of course mine is nothing compared to her work of art but I had a ball and enjoyed her video immensely. I even showed it to my mum on the iPad - she could not believe what you can see and  hear via technology.

Here is my page:

You can watch Wilna's video here. Of course I'll be adding some journaling but I thought I'd keep that private.

I received these cat post it notes a few weeks ago and as I'm a HUGE cat lover, I made a home-made planner ruler from recycled packaging material and added the kitty cats to my planner. They do make me smile.

On the left is a quote from Amy Tangerine. I've printed them x4 and they are all over my desk, planner and files.  It does help to remind myself that I should do something purposeful every day.

And our Princess had a birthday!! I do love her and the boys to bits.

And now for the winner of the Craft Storage Ideas Blog Hop prize that I offered on Play as U GO.

Here it is:
  1. OMGosh!!!
    What a F U N, Colorful, & UNIQUE Planner System!!
    THANKS for Sharing!!!
LChippy76 please send me your email address ( and you will receive the free Planner Printable.

That's it from me!! I'm off to get some more crafting done. Have a wonderful week and thanks for looking at my blog today.

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